Wall Art Ideas for Sweet and Unique Home Decor

Wall art ideas are available in a lot of creations that you can buy or make them yourself based on your taste and style. There are so many ideas that are fascinating and fun to be used and applied to your walls. Wall art is usually used to decorate a living room, but you know the fact that wall art is actually something you can have in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, nursery room and even your outdoor area. One of fun examples of wall art decor is using beautiful paper rosettes that can be created as the backdrop by hanging them up on the walls.

If you want something easy but inviting to add more colors, pretty paper rosettes will your smart way to make the setting lightened up on a budget. Choose the colors based on what you like or what event that you want to celebrate. If Christmas is coming, you may try to give reds and greens instead of other colors. When it comes to Halloween, you may change the color combination into orange and violet that will give spooky atmosphere to your home. The colors can be adjusted based on the days that you think special. This is one of the Do-It-Yourself ideas you can easily make real.

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Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

For your kitchen and dining space, it is simple enough to use some acrylic color shades; at least you can have three shades of the same color like making a gradient. You can have a wonderful visual by using the varied color gradients from the color shades you have chosen along with the individual color’s contrast. However, you need a plain-color backdrop to have this wall art.

Kitchen Wall Art Decor Ideas Kitchen Wall Art Ideas Designs Kitchen Wall Art Ideas


Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Decorating a bathroom with wall art is nice and you can have lip print wall art that is made from your own lipsticks. Simply create the paint palette using the lipsticks you have and you can frame them before finally hung up on the bathroom walls. Or else, rainbow paint chip/heart-shape art is definitely what you need to mesmerize the bathroom space, but be patient in working on them.

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Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

To make your guests feel surprised and more comfortable during their stay in your home, framed photos clock wall art will definitely be amazing. Show off the favorite snaps of yours by making them substituting the number in making a clock. Although you already have tablets and smartphones all around, with this creative-made clock in living room will invite you to look this clock more often.

Wall Art Ideas for Living Room Design Wall Art Ideas for Living Room Ideas Wall Art Ideas for Living Room


Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

As bedroom is a private space, it is more brilliant if you consider using your favorite classy quote to make the bedroom wall art. When you are down, you can simply look at the inspirational artwork that can lift you up again. It will be timeless piece of art if you simply use the simple execution that is made from the good quality patterned fabric.

Bedroom Wall Art Ideas Cool Bedroom Wall Art Ideas Master Bedroom Wall Art Ideas


Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

Plants-featured wall art is something that is related a lot to outdoor area, so nothing is wrong when you have wall-mounted plants that are creatively arranged hung on the outdoor walls. Using hand-strung and powder-coated aluminum along with stainless steel cables in nylon-coated will be perfect. These items can be purchased, but you can also create them on your own creativity to make yourself feel satisfied.

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Nursery Wall Art Ideas

Pom-poms are truly all you need with the cheerful color combination that can make the nursery room more enlivened. For the pom-poms, you can definitely have colors that are neutral which are good for boy and girl. However, it is alright to try making a statement by using an unexpected and solid color. But, a nursery room will also look adorable with an urban mural.

Baby Nursery Wall Art Ideas Cool Nursery Wall Art Ideas Nursery Wall Art Ideas


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