Vertical Garden DIY Project for the Beautiful and Affordable Garden

Trying to execute the vertical garden DIY during your free time is a good idea. For sure, many of us are interested in having such the beautiful home. All people want the home to be really relaxing and of course good looking. If we love the green areas, as like the garden, why don’t we plan to have the beautiful garden at home? The beautiful home garden does not always require you to have the large free space in our home. Your tiny home can also look beautiful and also fresh with the beautiful garden there since we can have a vertical garden there.

Having a vertical garden means we can go getting the beautiful garden which is arranged vertically. It means we do not need the large space to make a garden at our house. There are so many ideas of the vertical garden which we can try to obtain. That is including the vertical garden which uses the various materials. We can make the vertical garden ourselves. Then, we also can use the recycle materials as like plastic bottles, unused woods, old pipes, and many others. Just be creative and you will get the affordable yet beautiful vertical garden at your home.

DIY-Vertical-Garden-Wall Vertical Garden DIY Ideas Vertical Garden DIY


DIY Vertical Garden Plastic Bottles

If you have a bunch of plastic bottles, as like from the soda bottles, mineral water, or anything, you can make the vertical garden DIY from plastic bottles. We only need to collect a lot of plastic bottles, make some holes on each of the bottles, use them as the plant pots, and arrange them vertically, such like by using the strings or wires. For getting the more attractive look, we also can paint the bottles into colourful look.

DIY Vertical Garden Plastic Bottles Ideas DIY Vertical Garden Plastic Bottles Easy DIY Vertical Garden Plastic Bottles


Vertical Garden Tower DIY

Another idea for the beautiful vertical garden DIY, we can simply use a bunch of pots, which we also can make the pots from recycle materials as like from bottles, and arrange them into a tower. That is the affordable yet easy way to get the vertical garden in tower shape. Another way is by using pipes which can be arranged into a high tower of the vertical garden. That is another idea for the shape or form of the vertical garden.

Vertical Garden Tower DIY Ideas Vertical Garden Tower DIY Pictures Vertical-Garden-Tower-DIY


Vertical Garden Wall DIY

If you love to make your vertical garden DIY, you can also use your plain wall as the area for your vertical garden. What we need to do in simple way is hanging the pots there or we can use the panels which are hanging on the wall. Another idea is by making the high rack as the vertical garden area and also can be the wall or even the useful divider for the home, as like to be placed in your patio area so that it would not be exposed directly to the sun shine.

DIY green Wall Vertical Garden Vertical Garden Wall DIY Pictures Vertical Garden Wall DIY


Vertical Garden DIY Panel

Using the panels for the vertical garden that will be made is also a good idea. What we can do is really that simple. We can simply make the panels by ourselves using the woods or other materials. We can also use the recycle materials for the panels, for example by using the old and unused pallet wood. We only need to find the ideas and utilize them to be the vertical garden DIY panels.

Vertical Garden DIY Panel Ideas Vertical Garden DIY Panel Pictures Vertical Garden DIY Panel



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