Under Deck Storage to Maximize Space beneath the Deck

There are several types of home which include a deck either in the back part or side of it. Despite of how big the size of the deck, it does not only serve as recreational area but also additional storage in the house. Building anunder deck storage is one of the ways on how homeowners take benefit of the area beneath the deck. Transforming the under deck space into more functional is good option since it is often left abandoned and useless.

There are various kinds of storage that you can choose to apply in that area. But, no matter what type of storage that you want to create, there are several important considerations that you need to take. When you want to create storage for the deck, you need to consider waterproofing roof since the rain might dampen the storage. Besides, foundation is another key element of good construction. Hence, you had better to use materials for foundation that can prevent moisture to enter. Consider about the accessibility of the storage as well. Make sure that you can pass any luggage into this space easily. Moreover, include any light inside it if you often use it at night.

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Under Deck Storage Drawer

Drawer is one type of storage that can be applied to fill the space beneath the deck. Drawer perhaps happens to be the simplest idea for under deck storage. With strong and functional drawer, you can turn the abandoned space underneath the deck to be economical and smart place to keep any household items. You can create large drawer to store your gardening equipment so that they don’t become a mess. You had better use material for the drawer which is similar with the deck. Hence, it does not only look harmonious with the deck but also suit the décor.

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Under Deck Storage Shed

Shed is another type of under deck storage that you can make. Shed is often made to maximize the entire space under the deck. Shed beneath the deck commonly serves as a warehouse. To support the shed underneath your deck, you can use a number of materials for the roof such as corrugated metal or fiberglass. If you want to cover the storage shed, you had better considering using wood lattice. This material is usually installed around the base of the deck. Thicker lattice cover the space better and it is more durable since it can withstand with outdoor weather.

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Under Deck Storage Doors

Doors play important role when you building an under deck storage since it associates with accessibility. Most likely having a single door provides good access into the shed. You also can easily pass any equipment you store in it through the door. However, if you store large size items into the shed, you had better considering creating double doors as an entryway. By having double doors, you create an enough space to move in or out the large items that are difficult to accommodate only with a single door. Aside the width, it is better to consider the height too.

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