Under Bed Storage Ideas in Room to Save More Space

Under bed storage ideas definitely will give you extra space to store your scattered items on the floor. You can give away your most influential creativity and save more space in the bedroom afterward. There are so many interesting inspirations to try such as making the briefcase shape, making it from paper box, or merely some thick sheets.

Basically, here are several tips you may like to try for under bed storage. First, store only the thing you don’t access so often. For example, the last year college books, the off season clothing’s, etc. The storage will prevent your stuffs from getting dust and molds. There are options available when finishing the organization, leave them visible or hidden from the eyesight. When you plan to leave the storage boxes visible, make sure to use the matching materials as well as the patterns.

Aesthetic is the most important thing here. To be noted, if you like to use the things you store in regular basis or even often, choose the containers that have casters or lids that are easy to open. This way, it is recommended to make the storage boxes visible. The crowded look under bed is sometimes unavailable, you can disguise it by hiding the storage boxes behind long bed sheet.

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Under Bed Storage Baskets

You can put the stuffs in the decorated baskets to have cool storage under your bed. Choose the size of baskets that is less than your under bed height, a recommendation is functioning the picnic basket. Be creative at decorating them, you can add some ribbons, patterned papers, or paint the basket with favorite color. However, the basket may have little hollows that allow the dust to come in, so it is highly recommended to warp your things in paper or plastic inside.

Cool Under Bed Storage Baskets Under Bed Storage Baskets Wicker Under Bed Storage Baskets


Under Bed Storage Containers

Using containers as your storage is the easiest yet quickest thing since you can also put it under the bed. To prevent termites invasion, use the containers that are made from plastic. You can even choose the colors based on preference since plastic containers come with various colors and shape. Keep in mind to choose the easily opened lids if you will use the stuffs inside quite regularly. The advantage of using container is the dust has less possibility to come inside.

Large Under Bed Storage Containers Under Bed Storage Containers plastic Cool-Under-Bed-Storage-Containers


Under Bed Storage Drawers

The most important thing for choosing storage drawers to put under the bed is getting the easily pulled and pushed drawers. If your bed was mainly made from woods especially at the lower side, some woody drawers will look really mesmerizing. However, spray the drawers with anti termites liquid so it will not rot in a long time. Using the plastic drawers is okay, choose the colors combination that will go nicely with your overall bedroom ambiance.

Cool Under Bed Storage Drawers Under Bed Storage Drawer Under Bed Storage Drawers


Under Bed Shoe Storage Ideas

Rather than having a shoe rack sticking to one side of your wall, why don’t you use shoe storage ideas and put it under the bed? You will save larger space and get your shoes more organized. Choose the containers with tight lids so the odor that may come off will not disturb you when sleeping. But still, pick the containers with lids that are easy to open, the transparent ones are recommended since it will make your shoe searching way easier.

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