Tips to Create the Most Unique and Girly Hello Kitty Room for All Ages

Hello Kitty is everybody’s favorite cat and every little girl (all the grown-up girls too) always dreams to have a Hello Kitty room. Hello Kitty stuff becomes the most wanted room furniture and accessories in every part of the world. This phenomenon happens because Hello Kitty has pretty and girly color tones, pink and white. These two colors are bright, energizing and very feminine. Nowadays, we can see Hello Kitty dress in purple, yellow and even black because Gothic girls also have all the rights in the world to love Hello Kitty.

Even though there are various Hello Kitty furniture and decoration material out there, creating a perfect Hello Kitty room will still be a challenge. Our room should reflect who we are, therefore we must choose the furniture and decoration carefully so our room will show a distinct character. To achieve that look, we can add some colors to our room. But be careful. Pink and white are a strong combination. If we just put some color randomly, our room will look uncoordinated and the Hello Kitty nuance will disappear into thin air. To help you create the most unique room that screams girly perfectly, here are some tips you can easily do.

Hello Kitty Room for Kids Hello Kitty Room Paint IdeasHello Kitty Rooms Ideas


Hello Kitty Room Décor

It is easy to create a beautiful Hello Kitty room décor. Hello Kitty doesn’t have to be on every corner. Choose some focal point to showcase your love to this cartoon character. Make sure you use it on the bed, either on the bed sheet or the headboard. Be different and don’t decorate your room with the common stuff. Choose unique Hello Kitty decorative material, such as carpet, LED wall lamp or Hello Kitty’s glasses wall sticker.

Hello Kitty Room Decor for Kids Hello Kitty Room DecorHello Kitty Room Decorating Ideas


Hello Kitty Bed Room Set

The easiest way to decorate your room with this cute cat is by purchasing Hello Kitty bedroom set. Make sure the bed headboard has the shape of the famous Hello Kitty head. Let the bed becomes the main attraction in your room by adding pink Hello Kitty bedding. Add comfy sofa and small coffee table to the bedroom set. Don’t forget to add more feminine touch by placing a beautiful vanity and dresser in your room.

Hello Kitty Bed Room Set Design Hello Kitty Bed Room Set Ideas Hello Kitty Bed Room Set


Hello Kitty Room Furniture

Spice up your room by adding some Hello Kitty room furniture. If you really love this cat, don’t be afraid to have Hello Kitty’s pictures in every furniture. Don’t be afraid of being too much because you can always go easy in other aspects. You can choose paler colors for the wall if the furniture has bright colors, or the other way around. Paint the room white and don’t put too much decoration to soften the nuance in your room.

Hello Kitty Living Room Furniture Hello Kitty Room Furniture Photos Hello Kitty Room Furniture


Hello Kitty Room Design

You don’t have to stick with pink and white. You can also use blue, purple, and basically any colors you want. But it is best to use them as accent and stay with the characteristic. Grown up girls also can have incorporate Hello Kitty in their room design. Add some golden color touch by installing small chandelier. Use bed with bed post and pretty mosquito net to add a romantic feeling. This way, you can have a Hello Kitty room design that doesn’t look childish.

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