The Mind blowing and Easy DIY Paper Lanterns for Festive Season

Paper lanterns are famous for its unique forms and colors. For this reason, the DIY paper lanterns present wonderful ideas to make your own paper lantern at home. Paper lantern is originally from China, and it has been wildly used since the reign of Emperor Ming. Paper lanterns are common to use in the Chinese festivals like Lunar year, Mid-Autumn festival, not to mention the Lantern festival.
Nowadays, the use of paper lanterns is growing vastly. It is interesting how the paper lanterns develop and change over the years. It is not only associated with Chinese festivals anymore, but it is now starting its way to the home and décor. Additionally, many malls and restaurants also use paper lanterns to add a sense of festive in the room.

Paper lanterns are made of thin paper with many different colors and shape. The most common shape of paper lanterns is probably the round and lotus shapes. These days paper lanterns are also be used to decorate bedroom or terrace, but of course with a more sophisticated shape. How do we create paper lantern? What kind of paper lantern that is suitable as an ornament in the room or for celebration? DIY paper lanterns help you to answer these questions.

DIY Origami Paper Lanterns DIY Paper Lanterns DIY Round Paper Lanterns


DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns

The first DIY paper lanterns is the hanging paper lantern. The DIY hanging paper lanterns provide a design that would meet your taste and style. What you need to complete the task are papers, scissor, ruler, glue, and craft knife. If you use two different colors of paper, you can use pattern paper as one of the papers. Hanging paper lanterns require holes on each side of the lantern and tie the two holes with colorful ropes. You can hang a light bulb together with the lantern. You can hang these paper lanterns in your terrace, bedroom, or living room to give joy in the rooms. Different colors serve different atmosphere, for example, if you are conducting a birthday party, you may use colorful papers.

Cool DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns Designs DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns Ideas DIY Hanging Paper Lanterns


DIY Chinese Paper Lanterns

Another great idea offers by DIY paper lanterns is Chinese paper lanterns. The DIY Chinese paper lanterns give you an opportunity to create a modern paper lantern. Just like the previous paper lantern, you also need similar materials to make these lanterns. Usually, Chinese paper lantern is using red color paper. Chinese paper lanterns’ shape is usually round or rectangle. For the rectangle one you must fold it first and then make a series of cuts in the middle of the papers. Glue each side of the paper and make a straight cut in the middle of the papers. For the final touch, you can put candle or light bulb in it, and hang it to give a sense of celebration in your house.

Cool DIY Chinese Paper Lanterns DIY Chinese Paper Lanterns Designs DIY Chinese Paper Lanterns Ideas DIY Chinese Paper Lanterns


DIY Paper Star Lantern

The DIY paper lanterns show you another unusual shape for lantern which is the star shape. This shape requires precision and patience. Therefore, the DIY paper star lantern is highly recommended for you. The materials are similar with the previous two; however, you must make 3 cuts. You are suggested to draw before you cut it. Glue each side of the paper and wait until dry. Make two holes on each top side of the paper star lantern and put the string by using needle. This paper star lantern is perfect for Christmas you can even put it on top of the Christmas tree.

Generally, DIY paper lanterns are very helpful for those who want to make their own paper lanterns at home. Although paper lantern has been used for years, apparently the colors and the shape are evolving through times. It is no longer used for certain festivals, but it is also use for home and décor. Using paper lanterns at home for celebration will add jolly atmosphere to the room. DIY paper lanterns show that paper lantern is no longer belonging to a specific culture or occasion, but it is becoming a part of decorative style which is perfect for any kind of event.

Cool DIY Paper Star Lantern DIY Paper Star Lantern Designs DIY paper star lantern pattern DIY Paper Star Lantern


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