Taking Vintage Styled Furniture into Vintage Decorating Ideas

Many people are charmed by the vintage decorating ideas. There is this special charm about the vintage style that makes many people fall in love. Many people want the same style in their homes. Many people don’t actually understand the true meaning of vintage. Most people only know that vintage style will usually feature old furniture or items. If they are ask to elaborate the style, they will easily mistake antiques or retro items as vintage. Antiques are 100 years or older while retro simply means out of date or something from the 70s.

When checking a collection of vintage decorating ideas, it’s easy to see worn out items or items seemingly old as they can be found in every picture. Old doesn’t mean vintage. A vintage item should be at least 20 years old but this is not true vintage. Anything vintage should be at least 50 years old. Not many old items are still in good condition after 50 years. Thus the ones used in vintage interior are the vintage styles furniture. They are usually new but made to look old and vintage. By all means, they are not bad options and actually very good for vintage enthusiasts.

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Vintage Decorating Ideas for Living Room

What can be found in vintage decorating ideas for living room? One thing should be noted is that the interior doesn’t need to be filled with all things vintage. For example, a living room can have a new sofa paired with a vintage coffee table. Try to find a large vintage trunk with flat surface to be used in place of coffee table. Even when the trunk is very much the only thing vintage, it gives a strong vintage impression.

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Vintage Garden Decorating Ideas

The vintage style can be found not only inside of a home but also outside of home. Check the vintage garden decorating ideas to see some great gardens in vintage style. Of course, the characteristics of old looking items will be seen in the garden such as old chair, old buckets and others. One of the most interesting ideas is to use old bicycle frame and modify it to plant flowers. An old cart can also be used in the same way.

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Vintage Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Let’s go back inside and this time around, let’s check the vintage style bedroom decorating ideas.

Vintage Style Bedroom Decoration IdeasVintage Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas Vintage Style Bedroom Decoration


Vintage Cottage Decorating Ideas

What about decorating the whole cottage in vintage style? This is certainly can be done and it can actually be something refreshing. In some of the vintage cottage decorating ideas, the cottage is decorated fully in vintage style. It’s not just about the furniture but other details such as the walls and even the flooring. Although that it is fun, keep in mind that the cottage doesn’t need to have all things vintage. Using some contemporary furniture items can be good too.

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