Simple Media Room Design Ideas for your Home Sweet Home

The perfect simple media room design ideas will make home become more stunning! Find the taste of superiority in your home and design the best room to express it. It is up to you whether you want to make it trendy or simple. Make the home a comfortable zone for the kids until they do not need to play outside. Make the family member amaze on the brilliant idea that you have. You will realize, to gather the family is an easy thing. By use the power media room, make sure it is worth it.

Let’s begin with choosing the perfect home theater design to apply in your house. There are many factors to consider for giving the best outlook. First, the room shape is important to create a harmony. The room shape has to mix with the speaker and display screen. Second, you will not need so many windows. Media rooms do not go along with the windows; the light will disturb the view. Third, do not forget to make a good wall which makes the sound clearer. Those are the simplest thing in movie room ideas that you must not forget.

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Media Furniture Ideas

Home theater rooms need to blend with the furniture set up. Use the downstairs mix with dark couch and a wooden wall to make it a classic. Put the rows seating as the main point, and add sofas and the end table near it.

An antique coffee table can be an additional detail on your movie theater decor ideas. Enjoy the old times while watching the movies. Set up another arrangement like video games. The kids will love it!

Media Room Carpet Ideas

The carpet will express the feel of the entire rooms. You have to decide it first, whether it will be traditional or modern. Draperies carpet is good for traditional home theaters. Carpets with red or purple colors blend well with the contemporary style. Meanwhile for an elegant touch, just put the monochrome carpet into the room.

Media Room Curtain Ideas

Choose the best curtain to accompany the decoration. Use trim or grandeur. It will explore the ceilings and good for a lighting effect. Feel the elegance by use the drapes curtain. Enjoy the feeling of vintage by using the green curtain with the mixture of wooden door and ceiling.

Media Room Seating Ideas

In the traditional room, use couches facing the screen. Apply the trendy front seating for the minimalism concept. Choose the cinema seating as an additional to grasp the feeling of the theatre itself. But if you enjoy the time of our self, just use recliner chairs with handle.

Media Room Decor Ideas

Always use a good plan to design the media room. Pay attention how many people can come to the room. Remember, the design has to blend with the chosen theme. Add mini bar at the room for modern atmosphere. While leave the guest impresses with the fancy couch and the movie pictures.

Media Room Color Ideas

Color has its power. Do monochrome, black and white for the vintage looking of the theatre. Use brown colors which blend with the maple wood floor to grasp the minimalism. But if you want to play with the modernity, verify the colors of the wall, just playing with it!

Family Media Room Ideas

Use more couch when you plan to have a movie time together with your family. Put also the bookshelf behind it and accessorize the wall. Recreational room will be a good choice, besides movie screen, add some tables to play video game. It will look trendy and playful for the same time.

Modern Media Room Ideas

To make a modern room, begin with contrast colors. Blend with the shelves and end tables. Put some music instrument and change the atmosphere. Put the mini bar or dining table inside the room will make it modern, separate it with the couch.

Small Media Room Ideas

In the small room you can feel the intimacy, make it cozy with the coffee table to put the beverage for the movie time. Put 3 or 4 coach in the room, do not make it too crowded.try to design the ceiling when you can do much in the small room.

Basement Media Room Ideas

Use basement as the room for the movie time. Maximize the size. Oklahoma City design with the pale walls is the one. Blend darker colors into the basement it gives great lighting. Make it as a cave with the dynamic ceiling and home bar.

Pay attention to the theme that you like and make it alive. Make a list of the things that you have to buy. Begin with the carpet, seating up to the TV screen itself. Grasp the feeling and make it artistic place to watch the movie. Adopt those simple media room design ideas and make a fine one for your house.


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