Simple and Stylish DIY Floating Shelves for Your Home

Do you want your shelves to be simple, yet stylish? There are easy tutorials for you to build DIY floating shelves in your house or home office. Floating shelves are very useful; especially if you are new homeowners and you need a great place to put your memorable pictures, books, or your collectibles. The shelves are also perfect to create a clean and neat space in a room such as living room. There are many floating shelves in the market, but it may cost a lot of money. So, how can you get your floating shelves? There are actually easy ways to make your own floating shelves at home. You can try DIY floating shelves; this way, you may save your budget for other things.

First, you need to understand what kind of floating shelves you want to install in your home. You might want to consider the type of the house you have or your furniture, because you might want to match the shelves with your style and taste. Second, you must consider where to put your floating shelves, because you obviously cannot put it anywhere without looking at the right place or space in your house. The DIY floating shelves would help you to decide where to put the shelves and how to build it.

DIY Floating Shelves Bathroom DIY Floating Shelves Kitchen


The Road to DIY Floating Wood Shelves

The floating wood shelves are great, not only because it is functional, but it is also strong enough to hold thick books or dictionaries. For beginners, DIY floating shelves can be very helpful. First you must prepare the tools like hammer, glue, saw, screwdrivers, tape measures, nails and drill. You must also provide the hardwood material and white wood board. You can start making the cuts for each shelves based on its measurement. You must also attach each set of board and put it on your wall by using wood screws. You can add hardwood on the top and the base, as well as the sides of the sets.

DIY Floating Shelves Solid Wood DIY Floating Wood Shelves Ideas DIY Floating Wood Shelves Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves DIY


The Benefits of DIY Floating Wall Shelves

The floating wall shelves are also perfect for bathroom and children room to put the children’s books or toys in order. The DIY floating shelveswill help you to start your floating wall shelves. It is a great idea for moms and dads who have active children. As parents, you must not want them to get hurt, because all their stuffs are scattered around the floor. It creates space for you to arrange all the things in the bathroom like some make up, tissue, soap, shampoo, and scented candle. These shelves make things easier for you to keep things and find it when you need them.

DIY Floating Wall Shelves Designs DIY Floating Wall Shelves Easy DIY Floating Wall Shelves Ideas DIY Floating Wall Shelves


The Perfect Place for DIY Floating Corner Shelves

The DIY floating corner shelves could help you a lot for kitchen and home office arrangement. These DIY floating shelves are put in the corner of the room to create a larger space; therefore, it is perfect for small house. You can install it above your desk or next to the kitchen sink, look for some great ideas on DIY floating shelves. You do not need to buy these shelves; you can actually make it by using the same materials and tools on the floating wood shelves. You may also paint it based on your taste, but you need to figure out the right place to put it. Be careful not to make a room looks crowded and full.

These shelves are basically amazing idea for everybody who needs or demands more space in their house. There is no need for to buy these things, because you can simply make it and install it yourself. The DIY floating shelves are very helpful for you to re-organize your house and to make stylish.

DIY Floating Corner Shelves Designs DIY Floating Corner Shelves Easy DIY Floating Corner Shelves Ideas DIY Floating Corner Shelves


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