Round Foyer Table Ideas for Your Sweet Home

Giving a perfect entry to your house is the best idea to create a perfect home. A foyer might not an area where you have some tea with your guess. However, it is an important part of your house when you welcome your guess. A table with no seating usually be the focal point of this entry or foyer. Indeed, you can choose a Round Foyer Table. It is elegant, flexible, and practical. There are various kind of round table design to decorate foyer area of your house.

There are various kind of round table for your foyer that you can choose. It is important for you to choose the table carefully. You have to choose the round table with specific design that goes with your house main theme. At the same time, you also have to carefully decorate the table. Though, the decoration idea is actually separated from the table itself, it will create particular effect and look to the table and the foyer. At least, there are three main ideas you have to consider such as the elegant design, the contemporary design, and the decorating ideas. All ideas about the Round Foyer Table can be the best idea as long as you pick the one that perfectly goes with your house main theme, the foyer size and dimension, and the decorating styles.

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1st Round Foyer Table Idea: The Round Foyer Pedestal Table

The first idea is a perfect idea for an elegant and classic foyer where you put the round table exactly in the center of the foyer. A round pedestal table with classic and elegant pedestal design will be a perfect choice. If you want to create warm and elegant house, a wood round table with crafted pedestal in natural color would be perfect choice. While, for French style or vintage house a round wood foyer table painted in white with classic pedestal cut is the perfect choice. For a semi modern design, you can choose a round table with firm cut pedestal or less detail crafting.

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2nd Idea: The Round Foyer Table Contemporary

The second idea is the round table for modern or contemporary foyer. Although the round table is identical with elegant and classic look, you can still add some modern and even futuristic look to the round shape. Instead of choosing the wooden table, you can choose a glass table, especially for the surface. A shinny transparent glass will make it all modern. You can still have wooden table. Let’s say instead of placing a wooden round table in the middle of the room, you can choose half rounded table and place in the side of the room.

Round Foyer Tables Contemporary Décor Round Foyer Tables Contemporary Designs Round Foyer Tables Contemporary Ideas Round Foyer Tables Contemporary


3rd Idea: The Round Foyer Table Decorating Ideas

At last, you have to carefully decorate the table. For a classic and elegant look some vases with live flower would be a perfect idea. Garden flowers such as hydrangea can be a perfect way to create classic and elegant look. While, for contemporary decoration, you can display crystals, books, and porcelain. It can be a perfect idea also to place additional light like hanging fixture above the table when you place it in the middle of the room, or table light for table in the side or in the corner of the foyer. It will make your Round Foyer Table looks perfect.

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