Rock Painting Ideas Tips and Inspirations

Rock painting ideas have been popular since decades. This kind of crafts is popular among kids or even adults. The main reason is that this craft is easy to make and also inexpensive. Moreover, they are also affordable and accessible for many people. They are also affordable since you don’t need to spend any money to buy the rocks. Instead, you can find the rock in your yard or around your house. in general, any kinds of rocks are suitable to be made as crafts as long as you have lots of creativity. As you know, creativity is all you need to make your own rock painting ideas.

As you know, rocks are great base to make your own crafts. The most perfect rocks are rounded ad tumbled by water sources such as lake, ocean, creek or river. They should also be well weathered. You can search for the rocks on river beds, dry lake or beaches. Nonetheless, you have to be aware when taking the rocks. Avoid taking the rocks from national parks or state as it’s forbidden. If you find dirty rocks, try to clean them with warm water and mix it with soap. Lightly scrub them by using an old toothbrush. After that, rinse them off with cool water and let them to dry.

Cute Rock Painting Ideas Rock Painting Ideas for Kids Rock Painting Ideas


Pet Rock Painting Ideas

Pet rock painting ideas are also popular among rocks art crafts. Moreover, there are many kinds of designs you can imitate to be painted on your rocks. However, you can actually choose the design based on your desire and what kind of colors you want to apply. Frogs, bugs, and other animals are the most common animals applied on the rocks. But, you can design your own animal on the rocks. Just mix and match it with color combination and make your own creation.

Cool Pet Rock Painting Ideas Cute-Pet-Rock-Painting-Ideas Pet Rock Painting Ideas


River Rock Painting Ideas

River rocks are considered as the most suitable rock to be made as crafts. That’s all because river rocks are well tumbled and rounded. They are also well weathered, makes them durable for long period. There are a wide variety of river rock painting ideas you can consider. Somehow, you could also design the rock with design you like the most whether it’s animal, floral or other themes. Since river rocks are perfect for rock painting, so you can create whatever you want!

Cool River Rock Painting Ideas Cute River Rock Painting Ideas Easy River Rock Painting Ideas


Garden Rock Painting Ideas

On the other hand, if you cannot find river rocks in your surrounding you can consider picking garden rocks as well. there are various garden rock painting ideas that will inspire you somehow. Since garden rocks are not as durable as river rocks, you must pay attention to the paint you will be using. Opt for acrylic paint since it’s water resistant and durable. Go for patio acrylic paint since it’s weather resistant and the color can remain for longer periods.

Cool Garden Rock Painting Ideas Cute Garden Rock Painting Ideas Garden Rock Painting Ideas


Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

When Halloween has come, you may need some decorations to jazz up the Halloween day. you will also need some ornaments to enliven the Halloween ambiance. You can surf in the internet to find some inspirations to be applied on your rocks painting. In addition, there are some Halloween rock painting ideas available in the internet. Make sure to choose the one you love the most and you can imitate it to your own design.

Cool Halloween Rock Painting Ideas Cute Halloween Rock Painting Ideas Easy Halloween Rock Painting Ideas


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