Pom Pom Rug Decoration for a More Cheerful and Colorful Bedroom

Pom pom rug is the best bedroom decoration for people who love colorful things. If you love DIY stuff, you can easily make this rug by yourself. All you need are pom poms, a piece of fabric and a yarn needle. You only need to sew the pom poms to the fabric to create a pattern you desire, and voila! A fuzzy rug made of pom pom yarns is ready to decorate your bedroom.

Pom pom rug is not only for decoration. It is actually very versatile. The material is very soft and warm, so you can sit on your rug and feel the warmth and fuzziness embrace you. If you make a small rug, you can use it to land your feet when you are sitting on the chair. Furthermore, your furry friends also will love to sit on one of your rug creation. If you have a lot of creativity in you, you can combine different textures of yarn to your craft. It will create a very daring effect to the overall design. You also can choose different shape of fabric for the pom pom base. Most importantly, be free to incorporate any colors you want and let your personality shows.

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Pom Pom Rug Pattern

You can match the rug with your bedroom decoration by making a pattern. Pattern also will create a sense of order and balance to tone down the colorful nature of the pom poms. If you make a square rug, you can try to make diagonal pattern that will show a dynamic motion and gradation. If you make a round rug, centrifugal pattern will be really nice. Combine the light and dark colors carefully so that the rug will blend with the overall bedroom decoration. If you are a beginner, you can sew the pom poms in cross stitch fabric or buy a ready to make set.

Cool Pom Pom Rug Pattern Pom Pom Rug Pattern Designs Pom Pom Rug Pattern Ideas Pom Pom Rug Pattern


Round Pom Pom Rug

Square is the most common shape for a rug. But when it comes to pom pom rug, you can choose any shape you want. And if you want to create a sense of space in your room, it is best to make a round shape rug. If you want to create a pattern, round shape can make it easier for you. You can sew the first pom-pom in the middle, and after that, continuing the pattern will be a piece of cake. Start with softer colors in the middle and go with darker colors gradually. It will make a nice gradation for the rug.

Cool Round Pom Pom Rug Round Pom Pom Rug Designs Round Pom Pom Rug Ideas


Wool Pom Pom Rug

Wool is a great material to make a rug. If you have the budget and can get your hands on a 100% wool thread, you can make a super soft and fuzzy rug, which will be very smooth on your skin. But whatever the material is, you can use the rug not only to cover the floor. With the same method, you can turn the rug into an ottoman cover or chair cover. This craft is fun because you have so many freedom to work. As long as you are creative, you can always make a great and beautiful pom pom rug.

Cool Wool Pom Pom Rug Wool Pom Pom Rug Designs Wool Pom Pom Rug Ideas Wool Pom Pom Rug


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