Pallet Dog House Building Tips

Some people love to keep their dogs near even when they are sleeping, but there are people who prefer to have their dog sleep in his own house. If you don’t want your dog to disturb you when you are sleeping, you should build a pallet dog house for him. A pallet house for your dog is sufficiently comfortable and sturdy to accommodate your dog. As long as it is not too small, your dog can enjoy sleeping in it with no trouble. Once built, a pallet house can be placed anywhere in your house. You can put it inside your house, at your patio, or even at outdoor location with no protection from elements because it is already designed to provide such protection to your dog.

If you want to build your own pallet dog house, there are many things that you should do. First, you should collect useful dog house ideas that give you enough clues to build a fancy and comfortable dog house. Second, you should be familiar with the practical aspect of building a pallet dog house. Third, you should know how to get pallets for your dog house. Fourth, you should know the most basic elements of a pallet dog house.

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Getting Pallet Dog House Ideas

When you browse the internet to search for pallet dog house ideas, you will be amazed by how inferior wood products like pallets can truly turn into amazing structure. Internet can truly provide you with ideas of how to creatively build a dog house from pallets. You can find ideas of how to design the main structure (wall, floor, etc.), how to design the roof (gable, flat, mono-pitched, etc.), and how to add additional decorations to the house.

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Pallet Dog House DIY Tips

After you collect enough building ideas, you can leap into the practical part of your building project. After you get the pallet, you can build the dog house with or without deconstructing the pallet first. Because most pallets are cube-shaped, you can actually build the house directly from it. However, if you prefer to be creative and to build the house from scratch, you can deconstruct it first using pallet breaker, pry bar and hammer. You can then build the house by referring to building ideas that you have previously collected.

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Where to Get Material for Wood Pallet Dog House

The primary material for building a pallet dog house is pallet. Foot stores, pet supply shops, and hardware and furniture shops are great places to get pallets. If you are lucky, you can get the pallet for free; however, even if you have to pay, the price is usually very cheap. Be sure that the pallet that you get is certified by IPPC and NPPO to make sure that it is safe to use for a dog house.

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Simple Pallet Dog House

The simplest dog house that can be made from pallet consists of walls, floor, roof, and a door. If you already get a cube-shaped pallet, all that you need to do is actually adding parts that are still lacking from the house. You don’t have to deconstruct the pallet. Just add additional walls and roof as necessary. Saw a hole on one side of the cube to make a door. You can use a hand saw or circular saw to work on the house.

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