Painted Coffee Tables to Change the Appearance

Having coffee tables alone can improve the look of your living room as well as make it look warmer. Imagine how excellent you can improve it by getting painted coffee tables. The pleasant thing from getting it painted is you can match the main color of living room then give off some kind of ambiance. As examples, the lime painted coffee tables can give off a contemporary feeling meanwhile the sky blue color with doodles drawn on top of it can give the cheerful ambiance. However, keep in mind that to make your living room more spacious and look wider, get the full function of multiple drawers and cabinets.

The patterned one can be a good idea as well when you happen to get bored of plain coffee tables. Try getting asymmetrical shape of coffee table to have minimalist look of your living room. A glass surface will work excellently to bring out the minimalist look as well. Unfortunately it can be a little bit fragile while you let the children play around. These are several ideas regarding painting your coffee table with black, having round coffee table, and coffee table with drawers. You can do almost any kinds of atmospheres by having one of these on.

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Black Painted Coffee Tables

It may be a bit difficult to get naturally yet proper black colored material, that is the reason why some product designers tend to paint the coffee table black. Yes, since black is one neutral color, you can match almost every color of furniture with this one.

Who says that a black coffee table can not make the living room look warm? Use ivory colored sofas or wallpapers then make the use of white curtain. Plain white pillows or the simple drawn ones can make your living room even more welcoming. Hang some simple paintings on the wall as well.

Black Painted Coffee Table Designs Black Painted Coffee Table Ideas Black Painted Coffee Table Pictures Cool-Black-Painted-Coffee-Table


Round Painted Coffee Tables

Need to get the classic ambivalence out of your living room? Use round coffee table with a vase of artificial flowers on top of it. As for the feet or caster color, match with the set main color of your living room, black, white, and brown usually work really well.

However, it is not forbidden to use some daring colors such as red even though it can be a little bit tricky. You can function the lower side to be some drawers to put several little things such as magazines, pens, photo albums, etc. Get more fun by writing an inspiring quote on the surface, your guests may be surprised deeding it.

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Painted Coffee Table with Drawers

Coffee table with drawers will be so efficient for small houses. More drawers you get, more things you can store inside and more space you can save. The material choice is so important on making these because if it’s not solid enough, the heavy weight from the contents will not make your coffee table stay a really long time.

As for the colors, pick one according to your preference or main ambiance set for the living room. Dark colored wood with some empty space and glass surface on top is indeed a good example for minimalist look. Put a modern artificial plant on top of it as well to make the painted coffee tables look prettier.

Painted Coffee Tables with Drawers Designs Painted Coffee Tables with Drawers Ideas Painted Coffee Tables with Drawers Pictures Painted Coffee Tables with Drawers


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