Movie Room Ideas to Make Your Home More Entertaining

A home is always the best place to rest and to relax. Its privacy also makes it a perfect place to enjoy entertainments. Therefore, although you can actually enjoy watching your favorite movies in a cinema, it will be much better if you have a dedicated movie room at home. Finding the right movie room ideas that you can use to bring this dream into reality is easier now than it used to be. With abundant resources available online and with interior design magazines offering innovative ideas, it should not be hard for you to find the best movie room idea for your home.

You can always have a movie room at home regardless of your home’s physical condition and design. If the size of your home requires you to use a small room to accommodate your movie-watching enjoyment, you can find small movie room ideas that help you make use of the space creatively. You can even have a movie room in your basement and transform the decrepit cellar into the center of home entertainment. Some great ideas also guide you to choose the best furniture and decor for your movie room. Read on to find out more what you can dig out from those smart ideas.

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Small Movie Room Ideas

If you have to use a small room for your movie room, acoustics and limited space will indeed become challenging problems. To achieve the best possible acoustics, install everything that can insulate sound perfectly, including wall-to-wall carpet and area rug, in the room. Because the room will quickly be filled up with home theater components, make it as empty as possible before installing those components. You can also use components that don’t take up much space, such as smart bulb with Bluetooth speaker.

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Movie Room Decor Ideas

Movie room decor should be both functional and ornamental. Wall-to-wall carpet and area rug, for instance, not only enhance the look and feel of the room, but also help insulate the sound. A movie room should also have dark paint to enhance movie-watching experience. You can also add movie-themed stencils, such as film reels and take clappers, to the wall. Ceiling lights with dimmer and wall sconces are other decorative elements that you can add to your movie room.

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Basement Movie Room Ideas

The best location for a movie room is the one with no window. Basement thus makes a perfect location for a movie room due to this characteristic. Acoustics would be great in a basement and the noise will hardly leak to other parts of the house. You can even have a snack bar in your basement to complement your movie room. With the right arrangement and decoration, your basement can truly become an entertaining place.

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Movie Room Furniture Ideas

Movie room must have its own specific set of furniture. A movie room usually includes large sofa recliners with cup holder. It is also possible to add several rows of theater seats to the room. Be sure to elevate the rear rows of those seats just like how the seats in a real cinema are arranged. Adding a bar and a popcorn machine to the room is also a great idea to make your movie room more entertaining.

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