Minimalist Living Room Ideas for Modern and Small House

You do not have to worry about small house. In fact, it can be a perfect place to start an amazing Minimalist Living Room project. Minimalist design and idea for living room is a perfect choice for small houses. Minimalist interior does not require too much furniture and room accessories. Instead it focuses on the function of every furniture and accessories. Some people think that minimalist interior design for living room might create less cozy. You do not have to worry about it, there are some simple ideas to create minimalist but warm living room.

To create a perfect Minimalist Living Room, there are at least three things that you have to pay attention. First, you have to pay attention on the living room design itself. It is the most important part of your project. Second, you might have to consider modern style to decorate your minimalist living room. Modern style is flexible and practical, so you can almost put anything you need and want. At last, consider the perfect furniture. Indeed, you can place almost all kind of furniture, but still you have to carefully pick the right furniture to create perfectly comfortable minimalist living room.

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Minimalist Living Room Design

You absolutely have to consider the design to start your living room project. Pay attention of the size and dimension of your living room. It will determine overall should not block any access to any door and window. At the same time, the dimension will determine the background wall of your living room. It is suggested for you to paint the background a little darker, and paint the other wall with light color. It will create perfect design that makes larger vision to your living room. At last, install simple and minimalist windows, avoid classic design like French window. It takes too much space.

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Modern Minimalist Living Room

Then, let’s give some modern touch to the living room. To stress the modern touch, you can install glass hanging fixtures with geometrical design like square or rectangle. You can also have ball shape fixture of water drop for more luxurious look. At the same time, you can emphasize the modern look with main color of the living room. White with some blue accent would be perfect to create modern and Minimalist Living Room. You can also choose darker color such as gray with a little teal accents.

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Modern Minimalist Living Room Ideas Modern Minimalist Living Room Modern Minimalist Small Living Room


Minimalist Living Room Furniture

The last step is to choose the right furniture. Basically, you just have to avoid any classic and heavy furniture. They will make your living room looks too much and take too much space. It is suggested for you to choose simple sofa with neutral color. You can add one additional seating in the corner of the room with shocking color such as yellow, teal, or even red to create some contrast. Then, place a simple coffee table with clear glass surface. The glass will create more modern look and it is also super easy to take care. For the room accessories, you can have several pillows on the couch to make it more comfortable and hang some of family pictures in white or black frames. Don’t forget to install simple shades to the windows and your Minimalist Living Room will be perfect.

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