Make Your Own DIY Throw Pillows Using Affordable Materials

Making DIY throw pillows is very easy and fun. The result is also very functional since we will always need a pillow case. You don’t have to buy fancy and expensive pillow case at the stores. They are not unique, and the chance is, they won’t be suitable with your taste. Instead, try making your own throw pillows. It is cheap, simple, and you can get the materials everywhere with very low price, or even free if you used recycled materials.

The most common materials to make throw pillows are fabric, button, and zippers. But you can use other materials too to decorate your throw pillows more beautifully. The most important part is, you can choose affordable materials and they will not compromise the beauty of your throw pillows.

Sewing machine will be needed since you need to sew to attach the materials together. But thanks to the brand new iron on fabric tape, those who cannot sew now can jump to the bandwagon and start making their own throw pillows too.
So, are you interested to make a throw pillow? Aren’t you tired of seeing mismatch pillows on your sofa? This is very easy to make and what you need is just a spark of creativity. Grab your materials now, do some measurements, make the patterns, and have fun making your own DIY throw pillows!

Easy DIY Throw Pillows Cute DIY Throw Pillows DIY Throw Pillows Ideas


DIY Throw Pillows no Sew

Making throw pillows is fun until we have to sew. Sometimes we just want something simple and simplicity never requires a sewing machine. To make DIY throw pillows no sew, you need iron on fabric tape to replace the sewing part. You still need to cut the fabric and make the pattern. After that, put them together using the fabric tape. Iron them to make the fabric tape working, and voila! You get a perfectly attached throw pillow covers.

DIY Throw Pillows No Sew Ideas DIY Throw Pillows No Sew Easy DIY Throw Pillows No Sew


DIY Throw Pillows with Button

DIY throw pillows with button are very fun to make. You can use the buttons to close the throw pillow cover, or they can just stay there and look pretty as the throw pillow decorations. To use buttons as decorations, make sure you choose buttons with different colors, shapes and sizes. To make the buttons pop out, don’t use same colors for the buttons and fabric. And remember, sewing the buttons is better than gluing it.

Cute DIY Throw Pillows with Buttons DIY-Throw-Pillows-with-Buttons-Ideas DIY Throw Pillows with Buttons


DIY Throw Pillows with Zipper

Zipper is the best way to keep your throw pillows from bulging open. To make DIY throw pillows with zipper, you will need a little sewing skill. It is very easy, and even if you can’t do it now, you can learn it in no time. Make sure you sew it neatly so that your pillow will be beautiful. But don’t forget, the most important thing is to choose zipper color that will go well with the color of the pillow case.

Cute DIY Throw Pillows with Zipper DIY Throw Pillows with Zipper Easy DIY Throw Pillows with Zipper


DIY Decorative Throw Pillows

DIY decorative throw pillows are not only about button and zipper. If you let your creative side to take charge, you will find out that there are many cheap materials out there that you can use. You can use your unused sweater and T-shirt for your throw pillow covers, you can sew ruffles, handmade flowers or even your initial on the pillow case. Just follow your heart and have fun designing the best DIY throw pillows.

Cute DIY Decorative Throw Pillows DIY Decorative Throw Pillows Ideas Easy DIY Decorative Throw Pillows


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