Lego Storage Ideas, from Simple to Unique DIY

Lego storage ideas should be the one many parents may look for right now, because all of the Legos that spread all around your room from of what your child has done. The building blocks should have the best storage and toy boxes are usually the idea that is picked by most parents based on how many toys that the child has, including for Legos. The medium toy boxes are perfect to store the Legos in two large tubs; there is also a room in which the smallest things can even be found there much more easily.

For toy boxes, they are usually offered in many different colors, fun style, and sizes that can be purchased based on your need. But, make sure that the material of the toy boxes you choose can give you high durability so that you do not have to spend much money just to buy more boxes in a short time just because the recent ones are easily broken. Alternatively, the starter pack can be purchased coming along with the tabletop and after that individual boxes can be added if you think you will need them. Find the right and cool, flexible yet strong storage ideas for your beloved kids.

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Lego Storage Ideas DIY

If you want to have something practical and do not want to buy the new storage for the Legos, it is a smart choice to utilize the exiting items, like empty shoe boxes that you can actually clean to be able to use for storage. Plastic food containers are also not bad as after it is cleaned well and decorated a bit, you will find it worth your expectation.

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Lego Minifigure Storage Ideas

The shadow box that is pre-made can actually help you to store the Legos because it is the simpler version of the display with frame. Shelves and Lego boards can also be added so the minifigures can be hung out on every level on that storage. Or else, a vintage thimble holder can be found so you can keep the minifigures with the nice divided space that will make it more organized.

Lego Minifigure Storage Ideas Images Lego Minifigure Storage Ideas Pics Lego Minifigure Storage Ideas


Lego Storage and Display Ideas

Individual mounts display with frame is also a storage for Legos that can also be used to display the toys and figures beautifully. This is the right solution that will need a frame coming in a large size, no matter it is homemade or pre-purchased with no glass. For each minifig that you want to show off, a brick can always carefully be layout and you can make it manageable.

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Creative Lego Storage Ideas

For a simple yet creative storage idea for Legos, you can actually utilize the bunk beds’ top area to store the Legos; but, you can actually make it if the bunk beds are only used only on the bottom part, so the Legos can be put at the top. Open, wall mounted shelves with the nice color theme will also be a good place to store and display Legos at the same time.

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Lego Wall Storage Ideas

Lego man wall is the best idea to store and display the Legos on the wall by arranging them well and neatly. Lego wall can be got in different sizes; this can be chosen based on what you need, either the one coming in a smaller size or a larger one. Or else, you may think about hanging them on the wall one by one in an irregularly arrangement.

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Unique Lego Storage Ideas

One of the unique ideas for storing the Legos is by using upcycled plastic bottle to be made as drawers and with the big amount of plastic bottles, you can make a big size of drawer by combining them one and another. Alternatively, you can have wire baskets that can be hung horizontally to make Legos stored carefully and nicely. The more practical way is by hanging cloth baskets on a curtain rod.

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Wooden Lego Storage Ideas

Wooden crate may be the first thing that comes in your mind and it is a great idea to display the minifigure. If you can do it yourself, it will be inexpensive and easy to make so you do not have to spend much money. Even your boring wooden dresser can be transformed into Legos storage so you do not have to throw it away and simply make it as a toy storage instead.

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