Industrial Pipe Shelving Essential Tips to Consider

These industrial pipe shelving ideas discussed below can improve the performance of your kitchen and other rooms easily. This shelving will give off the retro minimalist ambiance so your room will look more unique. Actually, the most difficult step to do while making one of these is getting the right size and measurement. It will be efficient to get the fit one because too small can be a waste meanwhile too big or high makes the upper side hard to reach. Draw the design first on a piece of paper so you would know how many pipes you need, how long it should be, etc.

The stock pipes usually come in various fixed sizes such as 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches. You can make the customized one by cutting it then painting it with the color based on preference. Make sure you prepare the wood boards as well to be the shelves for putting down all the facilities. Keep in mind that you will need the other pipe in center top so make the right calculations. That mentioned pipe will keep the pipe shelving stand steadily. The wood shelf should have about 3 holes on the outer front edge to be connected with the pipe by screws. The wood must be strong enough to restrain the facilities weight.

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Industrial Pipe Shelving Kitchen

An industrial pipe shelving kitchen will be very useful to put the jars of dry goods down. For more efficient space, you can make the short one and hang it over the stove. Put the seasonings and other cooking utensils there. Of course this will make the job of cooking much easier since the cook does not have to move away to get necessary items or seasonings. The other option is making the tall one but have some space to put down the microwave and other utensils.

Industrial Pipe Shelving Kitchen Ideas Industrial Pipe Shelving Kitchen Photos Industrial Pipe Shelving Kitchen


Industrial Pipe Shelving Closet

To have less crowded dressing room and more space to mobilize, make the industrial pipe shelving closet inside. Put the shelves around the wall and have about two sides as leveled racks meanwhile the other two sides are functioned as the clothes hanger. Do the stacking in the leveled racks nicely and divide the positions of different kinds of your clothes. You will save up some time searching for what to wear from now on.

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Industrial Pipe Shelving TV

Who says that you can not make the TV shelf with some industrial pipes? Not only it will look tidier, you can save other things surrounding the TV so it will be space efficient again. Hang the television in the center or put it down with its stands. After that, decorate the other wood boards with things you will like, the artificial plants will make your house greener meanwhile the piles of books can get your home ambiance back into retro style with the industrial pipe shelving TV.

Industrial Pipe Shelving TV Designs Industrial Pipe Shelving TV Ideas Industrial Pipe Shelving TV Photos


Industrial Pipe Desk and Shelving

Get your work-space bigger and more function-able without using more spaces, use this industrial pipe desk and shelving. This idea can be mentioned as joining the desk and pipe shelving altogether. The advantage of using this ideas is you will get stronger and rugged work-space. Put everything that will support your work on the rest of wood boards. Add about two drawers below so you can put any other things you would like people not to touch it easily. As for the color, basic ones like black and brown are the safest.

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