Industrial Interior Design Styles for Your Home

When barns and industrial buildings are transformed into residences, not every part of them is removed or undergoes radical changes. Some interior designers see the exoticism of rustic appearance of those buildings a great asset for designing the new residences. As a result, a new trend of industrial interior design emerges. This interior design style is quickly adopted not only to former industrial buildings that turn into residences, but also to freshly built houses, condos and apartments. Residents interested in this design also take the chance to remodel their home to make it look more rustic.

Many sub-styles quickly emerge from this interior design style. Modern industrial interior design combines the rustic appearance of an industrial building with the simplicity and minimalism of modernity. Scandinavian industrial interior design shows a bright and airy home interior with exposed bricks typical of industrial wall. Rustic industrial interior design maintains the prevalence of rough look of industrial building. And industrial revolution interior design revives the era of steam engines beginning in the late 18th century and includes it in home interior design. The result can be a steam-punk-like design or anything similar. We will look into each of these interior design styles below.

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Modern Industrial Interior Design

Modern interior design is marked with minimalism, straight lines and uncluttered look with little to no ornate and detailed embellishment. When this interior design style is amalgamated with industrial interior design style, the blend may result in exposed brick wall and exposed steel struts and rafters. This design may also include rustic furnishings that look plain and simple. Despite the inclusion of various industrial elements in the design, the core elements of modern design, such as bright and clean interior, are still preserved.

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Scandinavian Industrial Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is born from human’s desire to have a clean, simple and fully functional home. Homes with this design style tends to look modern and simple and to include materials that have clear use. Any industrial materials that are to be added to a Scandinavian home must not only be decorative, but have apparent use as well. Elements typical of industrial interior design, such as brick wall painted with earthy color and grey flooring, can be incorporated into Scandinavian design.

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Rustic Industrial Interior Design

Rustic industrial interior design preserves the rustic appearance of the industrial building. In fact, a home with this interior design appears more like a factory than a home. It may include metal staircase and platform with chain link stair rail, concrete or grey wooden floor, and a large dining table with casters. Although the goal of this design is to make home interior look as rustic as possible, the charm of modern design can still be incorporated to it.

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Industrial Revolution Interior Design

Industrial Revolution refers to an era in the West that involved widespread adoption of industrial methods of production, especially the use of steam engines. Steam engine-inspired materials are thus the prevalent elements of this design. Any industrial materials, including metallic valves, wheels and pipes can be incorporated in this interior design to create a striking pairing between the rustic industrial atmosphere with the comfort and coziness of a home. Adopting steam-punk design is a good example of applying this interior design style to a home.

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