How to Decorate Moroccan Living Room

Living room as a place to welcome the guests should offers comfortable and exudes the personality of the homeowners. Hence, it is not surprising if many homeowners apply different design to their living room. Eclectic style is considered as unique look which can be great idea to be applied in the living room. Among wide variety of eclectic styles, Moroccan style is worth to try to add unique touch in the living room.Moroccan living room creates different look with the combination of exciting and fizzy look with a little bit sense of mystical touch from rich cultures of Morocco.

Living room which applies Moroccan style has characteristic which differ it from other type of eclectic design. Moroccan style is really identical with architecture designs. It comes with high ceiling and rich of pattern and mosaic. It also uses brave and various colours but does not come too overwhelming. The decorations and furniture are really unique as well. If you want to design the living room with this style, you need to consider the characteristics. Even though the characteristics of Moroccan style are strong, but it is still quite possible to combine it with other interior design for softer look.

Moroccan Living Room Ideas Moroccan Living Room Set Moroccan Living Room


Moroccan Themed Living Room

Since Moroccan cultures are really rich, there are various themes that you can be applied to Moroccan living room. Moroccan culture got influence from other cultures such as Arabic, Romans, Spanish, and African. North African can be interesting theme to apply if you want to have bolder look in the living room. If you prefer of classical look in the living room, traditional Moroccan is perfect. For intricate look, Moroccan style with sense of Arabic is good option.

Moroccan Themed Living Room Design Moroccan Themed Living Rooms Moroccan Themed Living Room Ideas


Modern Moroccan Living Room

Moroccan design also can be combined with other designs if you do not want have strong look. For instance, this design can be mixed with modern style to add eclectic look on simple interior design. These are various simple ways to combine both designs. For instance, if you have already used white sofa in the living room, you should complete it with wooden table instead of glass table. Add two poufs to provide extra seats.

Modern Moroccan Living Room Design Modern Moroccan Living Room Ideas Modern Moroccan Style Living Room


Moroccan Rug Living Room

Rug can be found in almost all the living rooms which are designed in Moroccan. However, the rug will have quite different look with other types of rug. The one which are used to complement Moroccan design commonly come in natural colours such as maroon, blue, yellow, red, brown, and many others. The rugs will also rich of patterns. Some of them perhaps come with natural prints while some other are available in geometric shapes.

Moroccan Rug Living Room Design Moroccan Rug Living Room IdeasMoroccan Rug Living Room


Moroccan Style Living Room Furniture

Moroccan living room also has particular characteristic furniture. The furniture is commonly made from wooden materials which are adorned with intricate carvings. The seats usually come with upholstery which might come from fabrics or leather. In the room which is designed with Moroccan style, you likely will find poufs and side tables. Not to mention with ottomans and its patterned pillow. Chandelier and lantern becomes another thing that cannot be separated in living room which exudes Moroccan spirit.

Cool-Moroccan-Style-Living-Room-Furniture Moroccan Style Living Room Furniture Ideas Moroccan Style Living Room Furniture

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