Garden Bed Ideas for Various Beautiful Garden Designs

Who doesn’t adore a set of beautiful garden bed around the neighborhood? This time, we will present you some coolest garden bed ideas that you can try at home. Making them is actually super easy, simple, and fun. You can do it in most spare times. The materials commonly needed are woods, wood screws, straps, soil, fertilizer, and even a drip watering system. As for the tools, prepare the drill as well as drill bits, ruler, pencil, wire cutters, shovel, clamps, staple gun, and gloves to avoid your hands from being dirty.

Keep in mind that you need to begin the gardening activity by testing the soil. It is essential to identify whether your soil has lacks and needs to be changed. This usually goes by testing the soil pH. Some plants like blueberries and tomatoes need different level of acid in soil, so pay attention first to what you are going to grow. After testing the soil, it is recommended to make the planting mix as well. Blend some materials such as compost, soil, bark, and peat moss. This will give your plants more nutrients and minerals to grow healthily and beautifully. Otherwise, the nutrients may be leeched into the soil easily.

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Front Garden Bed Ideas

Make the guests stop in awe by seeing your beautiful front garden with these front garden bed ideas. The easiest one consists of native plants like purple cone flower, aster, baptisia, and the other local beautiful flowers. Divide the garden bed into two and make the path in between. Be creative at making the path, you can use hard woods or a bunch of river stones. It is beautiful enough even when the flowers greet the guests only at a few footsteps.

Cool Front Garden Bed Ideas Front yard Garden Bed Ideas Garden Bed Ideas for Front of house


Backyard Garden Bed Ideas

The guests that visit your house may not always see the backyard garden bed, however it is still crucial to make it beautiful so you can have the most unforgettable garden party or even barbecue part in the evening. Here are some backyard garden bed ideas you can follow. The first one is making the raised bed with vegetable plants inside. You can plant many things such as pumpkin and in no time, you will have many resources available without buying! How cool is it?

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Narrow Garden Bed Ideas

Who says that you can not decorate the house with some narrow garden bed ideas? Truthfully, it needs extra care because the plants can be a bit difficult to water, the soil may be poor, the careless feet may kick and trample it, then the heat may be reflected to the plant. However, if you care for it very gently, your house will look so warm even from the outside. Do you own the plain white fence? Make it look more interesting with some pink and blue fragrant roses.

Long Narrow Garden Bed Ideas Narrow Garden Bed Ideas Narrow Garden Bed Ideas Designs


Garden Bed Ideas for Side of House

Need to make the full use of your side of house? Try planting some Mediterranean herbs or annual bedding plants to make it look much greener. Anyway, grey color is also cool to be garden bed ideas for side of house. You can match the plants dominant color with the color of your house wall. Green is the most recommended to make your side of house look greener. However, colorful is still the nice option.

Garden Bed Ideas for Side of House Designs Garden Bed Ideas for Side of House Ideas Garden Bed Ideas for Side of House Photos


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