Garage Shelving Ideas to Make Your Garage a Versatile Storage Area

With simple modification, a garage can be used not only to store vehicles, but also to store many other items that can be useful if you also use your garage as a workshop. There are various types of storage unit that can be installed on your garage, but shelving is always the most preferred due to its convenience of use and its versatility for storing various types of object. If you want to install garage shelves in your garage, there are actually thousands of garage shelving ideas that you can use as your reference. Discover them by surfing the internet and reading home decoration magazines and you are ready to accomplish your project.

There are many factors to consider when you want to install garage shelves, but the most important is the type of shelving that you want to install there. There are various types of garage shelving that you can choose from. You can install simple garage shelving if there is enough space for it or you can install overhead or adjustable garage shelving if you prefer a more space-saving solution. The following simple ideas for installing garage shelving will give you clear clues of how to install your preferred garage shelving.

Garage Shelving Ideas Images Garage Shelving Ideas Pictures Garage Shelving Ideas


Garage Wall Shelving Ideas

Wall shelving consists of any types of shelving that you can install against your wall. This can be cabinet shelving that is placed on the floor and has its own doors or wall-mounted shelving that is mounted on the wall and leaves the floor underneath it free to use for other purposes.

Wall shelving is usually built for heavy-duty purpose and made from sturdy metal that is not easy to break and bend. When installing wall-mounted shelving, you have to make sure that the shelving is attached to the stud on the wall, which you can locate using a stud locator, to make sure that the shelving is attached firmly to the wall.

Garage-Wall-Shelving-Ideas-Designs Garage Wall Shelving Ideas Pictures Garage Wall Shelving Ideas


Overhead Garage Shelving Ideas

The empty area right under the ceiling of your garage is a potential location for garage shelving. Instead of leaving it empty and unused, you can try to exploit it for storage purpose by installing overhead garage shelving on your ceiling. Because the shelving is supported by your garage’s ceiling and roof structure, you should definitely assess the structure to make sure that the shelving can be installed there.

A garage with scissors truss roof framing, for example, can offer reliable support to any platform that you want to install on the ceiling. You also have to make sure that there is enough height clearance for people and car so that the newly installed shelving doesn’t negatively affect the original function of your garage.

Overhead Garage Shelving Ideas Designs Overhead Garage Shelving Ideas Images Overhead Garage Shelving Ideas


Adjustable Garage Shelving Ideas

Adjustable garage shelving can be a great addition for a garage because it can accommodate almost everything regardless of its size. If you have some small power tools that need storing, you can adjust the shelving so that you can have a number of small storage compartments to store those tools.

If there are over-sized objects that need bigger storage space, you can remove some shelves so that you can have enough room to store those objects. In a garage where storing various objects with various sizes becomes a routine, installing adjustable garage shelving can be one of the best garage shelving ideas.

Adjustable Garage Shelving Ideas Images Adjustable Garage Shelving Ideas Pictures Adjustable Garage Shelving Ideas


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