Fun Crafts for Teens: 7 Creative Projects You Must Try

Either for school projects or to decorate your room, there are many fun craft for teens you must try. Making handicrafts is easy, fun and it is a beneficial way to do in a spare time, especially if you use eco-friendly or recycle materials.

Some of the teen crafts out there are either expensive or hard to make. But in this article, you will find seven simple and cheap crafts. You can make them without any difficulties, and most importantly, they are not rubbish. You can actually use them for something useful instead of something that will end up in your garbage bin.

Some of these 7 crafts are modern, and some of them are timeless. You can make them anytime without losing its significance. You can use these crafts for yourself, or give them as a present to your friends. These crafts can be made well easily, so they can be a nice present material. DIY presents are so in nowadays, so it’s a good time for you to jump into the bandwagon, right? If you want to know more how to make these 7 fun crafts for teens, let’s take a look at the instructions below.

Cute and Fun Crafts for Teens Fun Crafts for Teens Ideas Fun Crafts for Teens Images

1. Tiny Succulent Cork Planters

  • Materials:

1. Wine corks
2. Succulent plants
3. Knife
4. Soil
5. Round magnets
6. Glue

  • Directions:

1. Glue the magnets to the corks
2. Drill a hole in the corks with knife
3. Put soil inside the hole and water it
4. Plant the succulent inside the corks.

Stick them on your refrigerator doors or other metal surfaces. They will be perfect if you love fresh and green decorations for your home.

Tiny Succulent Cork Planters Tiny Succulent Cork Planters Pictures Best Tiny Succulent Cork Planters

2. Make Mustache Cake Pops

  • Materials:

1. Cake pops (You can use ready cake pops baking mix)
2. Liquid chocolate
3. Mustache shaped chocolate mold
4. Sticks

  • Directions:

1. Pour the liquid chocolate into the mold. Put the stick and keep in freezer.
2. Roll the cake pops in liquid chocolate.
3. Press the mustache sticks into the cake pops

This is perfect for those who love cooking. Serve them at party and make funny faces with the round chocolate nose and moustache.

Make Mustache Cake Pops Images Make Mustache Cake Pops Pictures Make Mustache Cake Pops

3. DIY Friendship Bracelets

  • Materials

1. Various colors embroidery threads.
2. Scissors
3. Tape

  • Directions

1. Choose the thread colors
2. Tie the threads into a knot, but leave two or three inches of slack.
3. Tape the slack so that they won’t run during the process.
4. Start making your favorite strand type.

Wear one for yourself and give the rest for your girls. This is the best way to flaunt your friendship to everyone.

DIY Friendship Bracelets Images DIY Friendship Bracelets Pictures DIY Friendship Bracelets

4. DIY Custom Colored Candy

  • Materials

1. Food coloring with various colors
2. White coated candy with various shapes and size
3. Plastic tub with lid

  • Directions

1. Put small amount of food coloring into the plastic tub.
2. Put the candies inside and shake them.

This craft is not only delicious, but also beautiful. It‘s also simple to make. Put them in a beautiful mason jar to be a decoration in your room.

DIY Custom Colored Candy Pictures DIY Custom Colored Candy Pics DIY Custom Colored Candy

5. Make A Flower Pen Using Duct Tape

  • Materials

1. Pen
2. Various colors of duct tape
3. Scissors and knife

  • Directions

1. Cut the duct tape into 20 squares
2. Fold the sticky side into triangle, left an inch of the sticky side exposed.
3. Roll on the pen and repeat the process until you get the flower shape.

What a good way to increase your study mood! Using a beautiful pen definitely will make studying more fun.

Make A Flower Pen Using Duct Tape Images Make A Flower Pen Using Duct Tape Pictures Make A Flower Pen Using Duct Tape

6. Do Nail Tape Art

  • Materials

1. Scotch Tape
2. Scissors
3. Various colors of nail polish.

  • Directions

1. Cut the tapes into your desired shapes.
2. Paste it in your nail. This tape will be the guidance for lines and shapes you want to make in your nails. It will also prevents the colors from blotching.

Who knows that tape can help beautify our nails? This can be a great activity for pajamas party and bonding with our friends.

Do Nail Tape Art Images Do Nail Tape Art Pictures Do Nail Tape Art

7. Sharpie Mug Ideas

  • Materials

1. Oil based Sharpie markers
2. Pencils
3. Plain mug

  • Directions

1. Use pencil to help you sketch on the mug.
2. Bold the sketch with the Sharpie markers.

Explore your creative side and draw any design you want. Don’t forget to use oil based Sharpie so that it won’t wear off when the mug is washed. Make as much as you want and don’t forget to share this fun craft for teens with your friends.

Sharpie Mug Ideas Images Sharpie Mug Ideas PicsSharpie Mug Ideas Pictures


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