Flower Box Ideas for Balcony, Windows, Indoor, and Front Yard

There are a lot of flower box ideas that you can try to make your house looks prettier. It is not a secret anymore that flowers do enhance the beauty of your house. Beside of that, flowers are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. In term of colors, colorful flowers can make your house looks more dashing since it can add more colors to your house. So, if you have a house with mostly white color on the wall or just pale yellow color, adding a box of flowers can really add more colors.

Flower box can be placed anywhere in your house. If you have two-story house and it is completed by balcony, you can place the flower box on the balcony. If you have a large window and it has space to be installed with flower box, it is completely fine to install flower box there. The flower box can also be placed inside the house and if you like to place it outside the house, it is completely fine to place it on the front yard. Below you will find more ideas about flower box that you can take as inspirations when you want a box of flower in your house.

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1. Balcony Flower Box Ideas

If you want to look for balcony flower box ideas, there are so many of them. You can have a classic wooden flower box with rectangle shape. It is so rustic and it will complete your balcony if you have a house with rustic theme. If your house is more like contemporary thing rather than rustic, you can have a more unique flower box with transparent glass-like style. It will enhance the contemporary theme of your house.

Balcony Flower Box Ideas Design Balcony Flower Box Ideas Photos Best Balcony Flower Box Ideas


2. Flower Box Ideas for Windows

Putting a box of flowers by the windows is not a terrible idea at all. However, not all windows are completed by enough space for you to put a flower box. Thus, flower box ideas for windows must be simpler and smaller in size. Do not use heavy materials like clay or stones because it will be less safe to be placed on such small space. Keep it simple and keep it easy on the eyes. Do not let the flower box overpowers the windows.

Best Flower Box Ideas for Windows Flower Box Ideas for Windows Design Flower Box Ideas for Windows Photos


3. Indoor Flower Box Ideas

Since you are about to place a flower box inside the house, the shape and color of the flower box must adjust the overall theme and color scheme of your house. You want to have the flower box blending with the interior design just perfectly. That is why consider your house theme as the deciding point of what the flower box should look like. White can be the neutral color and it can be very suitable for indoor flower box ideas.

Best Indoor Flower Box Ideas Indoor Flower Box Ideas Design Indoor Flower Box Ideas Photos


4. Planter Box Ideas for Front Yard

If you have a front yard, you can plant basically whatever you like. It can be flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and so on. Then you need to prepare planter box ideas for front yard. Since this is the yard means it is outside the house, you need to keep it more natural such as keeping it simpler in safe and use wooden box. Certainly, your front yard will look more natural with such planter box.

Best Planter Box Ideas for Front Yard Cool Planter Box Ideas for Front Yard Planter Box Ideas for Front Yard

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