Floor Level Sofa for Highly Inviting Living Room

The idea of using floor level sofa is to provide cuddling space to watch the TV or join the crowd for a casual lazy chat after dinner. This particular furniture makes sure it looks like we just throw the sofa on the floor without any visible feet on it. It always looks so cozy and inviting. While there are so many interesting designs, you may want to consider the following points as well.

Be Playful on Finish and Shapes

Keeping it consistent on one single finish is wise on modern or classic interior design, but joining more than few colors and finish is totally fun to try. If you like using modular floor sofas, choose several with single seat size on the same design but different colors and patterns. Setup in a certain arrangement facing a focal point and enjoy the new section of the room. If you don’t want to go with patterns, choose a combination of rivalry colors on the floor couches. The contrasting look will add a sophisticated touch while it remains totally inviting.

Cozy Fabric and Complementary Furniture Set

They key of inviting floor couch is on the puffy material and nice touch fabric. Nothing can beat a sofa in which you will immediately cuddle to after jumping in. For cozier look, add several pieces of couch pillows with contrasting colors to complete the sofa. In addition to it, floor sofa always works well with extra low coffee table for the snacks during movie watching. Add a reading lamp in one corner for more multi-functional value and throw a blanket for the chill evening.

Unlike other kind of sofas, floor level is always popular among the youngsters. It can function for living room sofa while it is perfect for lazy lounge to share with friends. Forget the formal and mainstream setup. Go casual to add the cozy touch on your floor level sofa.


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