Elegant and Alluring Spanish Style Bathroom Designs Ideas

Give your bedroom a nice touch by applying Spanish style bathroom designs ideas. There are many designs you can apply for your bedroom; from traditional to modern.

If you choose to go traditional, means there are many things you need to consider. First thing for sure is the bathroom door. Have you ever seen a classic and traditional door design in Spanish? It is made of thick dark wood with rounded shape on top and rectangular on the sides. Next, choose the best wall paint for this design; cream or beige is the best choice. If you don’t like paints, use tiles instead. Then, pay attention to the vanity, make sure it has ornaments and made of dark wood. Also, there are decorations of Spanish bathroom you must not forget; artificial red roses, red candles, and small chandelier.

The key point of Spanish style bathrooms is to make your bathroom looks soothing and cozy, yet it gives a glimpse of romantic sensation. Therefore, if you want to add a little touch of modern or minimalist for this design, those aspects above must not be omitted. Additions of minimalist sink, bathtub, water closet, and tiles are the best choice for modern touch.

Traditional Spanish Style Bathroom Sinks

 If you would like to go full traditional, then you need to purchase a sink with clay material. Clay is a traditional material for sinks of bathrooms in Spanish style; therefore it would be perfect for your traditional bathroom.

 But, if you want to give modern touch for the sink, install the one made of ceramic and have many ornaments or drawings. The faucets can be made from aluminum but don’t let it stands out.


Beautiful Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity

Like has mentioned above, every bathroom in Spanish style has a vanity that made from dark wood material and there are always ornaments engraved on it. Not only that, you also need to consider the mirror; make sure it has beautiful frame with ornaments engraved on it.

The ornaments are for keeping the traditional value. However, the best Spanish style bathroom designs ideas are the ones made out from your creativity in designing it.



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