Easy DIY Room Divider to Create a Multipurpose Room

DIY room divider is very useful for redefining the space in our house. Maybe someday you will decide to work at home or perhaps your kids want to sleep in a separate bedroom with her sibling. Of course you will need extra room to accommodate those needs. But imagine how many money you have to spend if you must make a real extra room for that purpose.

This is where DIY room divider plays an important role. Room divider is not necessarily a concrete wall. It can be a curtain, a shoji screen or a temporary wall. Most importantly, those dividers are much cheaper compared to actually build another brick wall. If you are creative, you can make your own creation of divider. And if you have a nice carpentry skill, your options will be unlimited. The things you need to consider before choosing the best room divider is recognizing what you need. If privacy is what you are after, shoji wall or DIY wall board can be the best choices. But if you want simplicity or something easy to maintain, you can choose curtain or even a functional book case. Be creative and you can get what you want with little budget.

DIY Room Divider Cheap DIY Room Divider Ideas DIY-Room-Dividers-Ideas


DIY Room Divider Curtain

Curtain is the best and the simplest divider you can get for your room. Even though it offers less privacy compared to other DIY room divider, many people choose to use curtain due to its simplicity and decorative purposes. You only need to put the railings and you have to choose your favorite curtain. You can easily match the curtain with the room decoration, and you can change it when you want to wash it or when you want a different atmosphere. It is best to be used in bedroom to separate the sleeping space with the working or studying space.

DIY-Room-Divider-Curtain-Cheap DIY Room Divider Curtain Ideas DIY Room Divider Curtain Designs


DIY Room Divider Screen

There are many materials you can use as a divider screen. It can also be used as room decoration if you choose the correct material. Just like curtain, using screen as DIY room divider is very easy. You only need to fold it to the side when you don’t use it and it won’t disturb the overall design of the room. If you love Japanese style, you can use shoji screen. The material is very light so you can easily fold and unfold it. As long as you have at least three tall boards, wood or rattan, hinges and a little bit of skill with screwdrivers, you can easily make your own screen.

DIY Fabric Room Divider Screen DIY Folding Screen Room Divider DIY Room Divider Screen


DIY Sliding Room Divider

This one is not only a partition, but also a door. This is what you need if you want to create a completely separate room. The best thing about using sliding door as a divider is you can decorate the two sides differently so it can match the decorations in each room. The materials are varied. You can choose wood or even glass. It has a contemporary look, but you can also go with rustic if you are living in a barn house. Most importantly, if privacy is what you need the most, sliding door is your perfect DIY room divider.

DIY-Sliding-Door-Room-Divider-Cheap DIY Sliding Door Room Divider Designs DIY-Sliding-Door-Room-Divider-Ideas DIY Sliding Door Room Divider


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