DIY Wall Shelves for More Organized Interior

Some people may just leave the house interior thing to the experts, meanwhile some prefer organizing the DIY wall shelves that represent the owner very much. People usually need these shelves for putting almost everything such as their collections, it may be merely buttons or bird cages, shells, books, tea cups, souvenirs from all of the world, everything. The thing on making it look more interesting to other people is the color and shape combination. Besides, this will make your house look more organized rather than putting everything in place you can think of. All in all, almost everyone needs this kind of shelves.

If you feel an urge to have at least one wall shelf but got no idea about what to put in there, think about something you really love (if there is anything). Most people like ancient collections and those can even be the the good inventions. When you really treasure some things your beloved relatives give you, putting things in wall shelf is good because you can reminisce them as much as possible. There are so many wall shelves choices you can make on your own like the floating ones, wall shelves for books, cat wall shelves, and even kitchen wall shelves. Check them out below.

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DIY Floating Wall Shelves

The DIY floating wall shelves are good idea whenever it comes to small spaces like apartment. It will just consume a little space on your wall and doesn’t need any little space from your floor. While making it, make sure that the materials you use are the strongest so it can restrain the things firmly. As for the color, we recommend you to use basic ones such as black, brown, and white. Keep in mind that you need to keep the color matched with any other furniture’s in the same space.

DIY Floating Modern Wall Shelves DIY Floating Wall Shelves Ideas DIY Floating Wall Shelves


DIY Wall Shelves for Books

Yes, we can not deny that most people love books and have lots of it in their house. However, not all people feel the need to organize them in some DIY wall shelves for books. Frankly, these shelves will save some space in your house. Do not make the ordinary one, try making one that looks like a maze and put the books away on the horizontal sides. The other idea you may follow is making it look like some colorful frames, it will easily flush the boredom of your room.

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Cat Wall Shelves DIY

Do you love cats and want them to explore everything easily? It’s time to make the cat wall shelves DIY. They will surprisingly make your cat more active and more skilled at climbing. Choose the material that is safe for their flesh such as oak woods. The most important thing is to make the buffer so strong with tight screws and the steel material. Not only your cats, you will have some fun as well looking at them playing peacefully.

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DIY Kitchen Wall Shelves

Do not just put the seasonings or glass freely in a table, otherwise, put them in DIY kitchen wall shelves. To make it function more, add the hangers at lower side of shelves so you can hang some utensils such as apron, pan, whiskers, spatula, and the other things that need to be hung. Pick the color and materials that suit your whole kitchen, it can be marble or pine woods, everything is based on your choice.

DIY Kitchen Wall Shelves Ideas DIY Kitchen Wall Shelves Photos DIY Kitchen Wall Shelves


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