DIY TV Stand Endless Choices for Your Room Interior

DIY TV stand comes in so many creative ideas that you can choose based on your need and favorite. Choosing the TV itself is easier to do, but when it comes to TV stands, you may think about do it yourself in making the stand but there are too many options as well to go for. The first thing that you should think about is the size of TV stand because when the TV is big enough, you better make a bigger size for its stand as well so that it can be enough to put the TV on a balance safely.

After the size measurement is done, you have to choose the material, design and then deal with the right color as the TV stand should be able to complement other existing furniture and room’s theme. Consider about if you should have some drawers, doors, or even enclosed shelves on the front. If other entertainment systems are going to be put on your DIY stand, like the DVD player, you better ensure that the visibility of the remote sensor is high enough through the glass panel or door you have made, in order to make your life easier in setting up and getting the entertainment you want.

DIY TV Stand MountDIY Electric Fireplace TV Stand DIY TV Stand from Dresser


DIY Floating TV Stand

Like common floating shelves that can be the storage, the TV stand that you make by yourself can also be made in a floating model. However, always make sure that the floating stand is really sturdy and built in the right size so the TV does not look too big on it. You can use wood as the material and you can paint it later with the color you want the most.

DIY Floating TV Stand Design DIY Floating TV Stand Pictures DIY Floating TV Stand


DIY Flat Screen TV Stand

For your flat screen TV, the stand that you can make is in a bracket model which means that you may put the TV stand mounted on it and the TV can actually be raised above the stand. You can go for this kind of simple yet elegant stand idea because bracket-stand model will give your room a modern look, especially for you who have plasma TVs and LCD TVs.

DIY Flat Screen TV Stand Ideas DIY Flat Screen TV Stand Pictures DIY Flat Screen TV Stand


DIY Industrial TV Stand

Industrial TV stand is looking rustic and to make it look so, you may need wood as the main material to use. If it is industrial, you may add some drawers for storage use, or make a bottom shelf in an open design to store your stuffs in a bigger size, like books, magazines or any other room accessories. It comes out well when you combine the wooden stand with the black-colored legs.

DIY Industrial TV Stand Design DIY Industrial TV Stand Ideas DIY Industrial TV Stand Pictures


DIY Electric Fireplace TV Stand

For you who love multifunctional TV stand, you can definitely create your own electric fireplace TV stand because it is known to be cheaper when you go inserting the electric fireplace. If there is even a kneehole area and you want to paint it, the heat resistant paint is something that is more recommended. Checking with the paint store will help you to know if it is safe or not.

Best DIY Electric Fireplace TV Stand Pictures DIY Electric Fireplace TV Stand Design DIY Electric Fireplace TV Stand Pictures


DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand

The mid century modern design for TV stand; you can make it with a wooden dresser in which you can have a DVD player being put on the center part that has a space for it. Indeed, it does look like you put the TV on the common dresser or cupboard but actually there is a room to put your other entertainment system there that looks so fine.

DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand Images DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand Pics DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand


DIY TV Wall Cabinet

Alternative way of floating stand for your TV is the wall cabinet in which you can make after you have get the right and detailed measurement of your TV. Basically, the TV is better if it can fit your cabinet so the size—the width and length—must be perfect so that what you have made can look good to be placed in a living room or family room.

DIY TV Wall Cabinet Design DIY TV Wall Cabinet Ideas DIY TV Wall Cabinet Pictures


DIY TV Stand with Storage

Stand for TV plus storage is what every homeowner wants to have. No matter what material you choose, you can have much space to store your stuffs. You can design your TV stand by dividing it to be several parts with the same size for each part or even different sizes. To make it a better storage, a glass sliding door can be added to the TV stand.

DIY TV Stand with Storage Images DIY TV Stand with Storage Pics DIY TV Stand with Storage


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