DIY Storage Ideas for Every Part of Your House

In every house, storage becomes an essential issue. In every part of your house, you need reliable storage space where you can store your valuables, tools, and other important objects conveniently and securely. When the need of a reliable storage area arises, there are two options that you can choose from. First, you can buy a storage unit that is suitable for certain parts of your home or hire a professional to build the unit for you. Second, you can craft and organize your own storage unit using the best DIY storage ideas that you can discover. If you are a creative person, you will certainly love to do some hacks to your house to create space-saving storage units in it.

Every part of your home can actually be modified if you want to apply your smart DIY storage ideas in it; however, because different parts of a house require different approaches when you try to modify them, you should know the right method that you should use, especially when you want to create a handy storage area there. Here you will learn about everything that you require when you want to create a DIY storage unit in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, and garage.

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Smart DIY Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom has already had some generic storage units that you can utilize, such as vanity cabinets, hooks and heated towel rails; however, there are actually some areas in your bathroom that are usually left empty and unused. If you want to use your DIY storage ideas in your bathroom, empty areas such as space under the sink and empty wall of the bathroom can actually be modified for storage purpose. You can put a storage rack underneath the sink. If the water pipes are in the way, you can create holes in the rack so that the pipes can pass through them. On the empty wall, you can nail hanging shelves or pockets that you craft from plastic bag or waterproof fabric.

Cool DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas Images DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


Smart DIY Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is a part of a house where storage becomes the most crucial issue. In your bedroom, you need to store not only your apparel, but also valuables and other private things that you don’t want to share with other people, sometimes including those in your family. In your bedroom, you can store your stuff in shelves, wardrobe, closets, cupboards, and any storage units that you have underneath your bed; however, if you want some DIY storage units to be added to your bedroom, you can actually add floating shelves above your bedroom’s door, install corner closet on empty corner of your bedroom, or use a handy pegboard.

DIY Bedroom Clothing Storage Ideas DIY Bedroom organization and Storage Ideas DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas Small Bedroom Storage Ideas DIY


Smart DIY Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

The need of a versatile storage unit in a kitchen is a reason why every kitchen must have a kitchen cabinet. The cabinet is usually installed underneath the countertop or hanging above it. Some kitchens also have some hooks on its wall or above its island countertop to hang utensils. If you want to use DIY storage ideas in your kitchen, there are some modifications that you can do to it. If the countertop underneath your floating cabinet appears too spacious, you can fill the space between the cabinet and a portion of the countertop with shelves. You can also hang small baskets and racks on a pegboard to store your spices.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas Small Kitchen Storage Ideas DIY


Smart DIY Storage Ideas for Your Laundry Room

There are some empty spaces in your laundry room that you can actually transform into handy storage areas. In most laundry rooms, the space above the washing machines is mostly empty. This empty space can actually be exploited for storage purpose by installing a cabinet or a metal rail for hanging clothes. The same DIY storage job can also be done to any walls of the laundry room that look empty. Even the back of the laundry room wall can actually be utilized for storage purpose. If you install a pegboard there, you can hang small baskets for storing detergent and other laundry appliances.

Cool DIY Laundry Room Storage Ideas DIY Laundry Room Storage Ideas Pictures DIY Laundry Room Storage Ideas


Smart DIY Storage Ideas for Your Garage

A garage is used not only to store vehicles, but also to store garage tools, gardening tools, sports equipment, patio stuff, shoes, etc. You are lucky if all cabinets and racks that you have in your garage have sufficiently fulfilled your storage need, but if you need more space to store your stuff, you can use pegboards on the wall to store additional items. You can also install a pulley system to lift bicycles off the ground and to store them by hanging. If there is much empty space above the parked cars, you can add additional level and use the second level for storage purpose. Those DIY storage ideas for your garage will transform your garage into a versatile storage area.

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