DIY Shoe Rack Tips and Tricks to Make One Easier

In this DIY shoe rack tips and trick you will find useful information when you decided to build your own shoe rack. Shoe rack is not only the first thing that your guest will see when they visit your residence. It is an important part of your house because owning great quality shoe rack gives important first impression towards your house. Because of its newly gained popularity, many people are looking for exotic and unique shoe rack to be placed and shown for their house. But what is more unique than a shoe rack that you build yourself.

Not only that it’s a one of a kind type of furniture, but your homemade shoe rack can be anything that you want. There are endless possibilities here and your imagination is the limit. The material for shoe rack is limitless, you can even recycled old plastic bottle and changed it into one shoe rack that nobody would ever imagined, or just going classic and use wooden shoe rack. One thing for sure, if you are new to this and is looking for hints and tips for building a homemade shoe rack, here are some useful guides just for you.

DIY Shoe Rack Design DIY Shoe Rack for Small Closet DIY Shoe Rack Wood


DIY Shoe Rack Bench

One of the best DIY shoe rack design is the shoe rack bench. This utterly convenience piece of furniture can be used not only as shoe rack, but it can be used as bench as well. This makes this furniture extremely convenience and versatile, as you can place this in various places around your house. The fastest way to built one is by recycling old bench that you do not use anymore, making one from scratch can be complicated and too difficult for a beginner.

DIY Shoe Rack Bench Design DIY Shoe Rack Bench Ideas DIY-Shoe-Rack-Bench


DIY Shoe Rack for Closet

As for those expensive shoes that you prefer to use once in a while, it is better to put them on the closet. But if you do not have big enough closet, you can just make do with the available space. The most important thing is to make a good use of the wall, the simple way to make a homemade shoe rack for your closet is to just pin some hooks in the wall and hang your shoes, but you can always aim for better one.

DIY Shoe Rack for Closet Design DIY Shoe Rack for Closet Ideas DIY Shoe Rack for Closet Pictures


DIY Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Continuing from making use of the wall, you can use any part of your wall as a place to store your shoes, even if the design does not really shows that it’s a “rack”. Many kinds of wall mounted shoe storage available, from using metal hooks, pinned recycled plastic bottles, using empty wine bottles; it can be anything. Remember that this requires use of heavy tools such as hammer and co, so please be cautious.

DIY Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Design DIY Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Ideas DIY Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Pictures


DIY Baby Shoe Rack

So you are expecting a baby and want something unique for your baby? Considering that a baby will have tons of shoes later, it is good way to shows your love by making a shoe rack especially for your baby. Baby shoes are tiny, so it does not really take a lot of space, you can make do with unused stool or any unused furniture as the base material, clean it, paint it and decorates it anyway you like.

DIY Baby Shoe Rack Ideas DIY Baby Shoe Rack DIY Baby Shoe Rack Pictures

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