DIY Pendant Light with Unique and Sparkling Design

Pendant lights are great options of lighting fixtures. They can be simple yet looking elegant. No wonder, a lot of people really look forward for the real good pendant lights. Some people are even thinking about the DIY pendant light that will be excellent in its own right.

The prices of pendant lights can be expensive and this is certainly not a pleasant thing. However, the creative minds will be able to bring great DIY ideas to be tried. Pendant lights can be made at home by anyone who has the idea, tools and materials. The length of making process will depend on the difficulty of the designs. Some will take fairly short process while others may take more time to be finished.

What kind of custom pendant lights can be made at home? Try to check the ideas quickly through internet and get ready to be blown away by creativity of many people in creating new designs. The tools and materials needed are relatively easy to be found at home or at the local stores. Although that the DIY lights are made from the materials easy to be acquired, the final results are often to be very good and amazing.

DIY Pendant Light Fixture DIY Pendant Light Ideas DIY Pendant Light


DIY Glass Pendant Light

The glass here is the one that can be easily worked on such as glass jars or bottles. They’re easy because the lid of the jar or bottle will be the one being process. Usually, the lid will be drilled or cut to make a hole and the lighting kit will be attached there. After the lighting kit and a light bulb are installed, the jar will be closed leaving a light bulb inside ready to be lit. The jars with light bulbs then will be arranged neatly and mounted.

DIY Glass Pendant Light Designs DIY Glass Pendant Light Ideas DIY Glass Pendant Light Pictures


DIY Pendant Light Fixture

Finding the fixtures for a DIY project of pendant lights won’t be difficult. Go to the hardware shops and find the good fixtures alongside other essential materials to be used. Colors are varied, the sizes are also varied. Just pick up the one will be suitable for the entire plan of creating a good custom pendant light. Naturally, the one who is working on this DIY project needs to know how to install the fixtures safely.

DIY Pendant Light Fixture Designs DIY Pendant Light Fixture Pictures DIY Pendant Light Fixture


DIY Pendant Light Cord

Another important element of the pendant light will be the cord. It is important to get enough cord for the light to be finished. Take a look at the design again and properly calculate the length of necessary cord. The look of the cord in DIY projects can be furthermore modified. The modification is easy like neatly cover the cord with a thread or anything that will make the cord more suitable for the DIY project.

DIY Pendant Light Cord Pictures DIY Pendant Light Cord DIY-Pendant-Light-Suspension-Cord


DIY Pendant Light Shade

The shades are varied depending on the designs. The most common designs are the ones using jars. The jars will usually be mounted on a platform (it could be a wooden board or even others) after being arranged according to the plan. There are also other ideas utilizing pieces of papers or others. Some of the most unique fixtures to be found utilize bike’s gears, pieces of ceramic plates, unused electric fan frames, paper umbrellas and even silver dinnerware (forks and spoons).

DIY Pendant Light Shade Designs DIY Pendant Light Shade Ideas DIY Pendant Light Shade


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