DIY Mirror Frame Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Decoration

In this DIY mirror frame tips and tricks article, you will get the basic information on how to make your mirror more exotic and unique. After all, there nothing more unique than one of a kind item that you make yourself. Mirror frame is not usually considered as an important part of house decoration or furniture. The reason why is because uniquely designed frames are usually cost a lot of money, more than most vital furniture, and people isn’t going to pay for that. Fortunately, making your own mirror frame is actually easy and cost a lot less money.

By making your own mirror frame, there are several advantages that you get. First is the freedom of design, now you can use your ideas however you want; just remember that overly complicated design does not always mean a good thing. The next advantage is the ability to freely adjust the measurement, finding a frame that measure similar to your own mirror can be difficult, buying a pre built one already cost money, ordering a custom made one will cost a lot more. This simple change to your decoration can have impactful effect on the whole atmosphere of your house.

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DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas

One place that will almost have a mirror placed in your house is the bathroom, because you will see it every day, it is best to make a frame that freshen you up every time you see it. Avoid wooden based material because it will get wet and get rot, make something using metal based material. If metal based material is too expensive for you, you can use junk material as the base, just remember to clean it first, using plastic material is also a good idea.

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DIY Round Mirror Frame

If you have a round mirror or you want a framed round mirror, then making a frame for it is going to be pretty difficult; at least until you learn the trick. The most important thing to remember is that although the mirror is round shaped, the frame is not always need to be round as well. Actually making the frame with different shape gives more impact to the overall visual.

DIY Round Mirror Frame Ideas DIY Round Mirror Frame Photos DIY Round Mirror Frame


DIY Oval Mirror Frame

Making a frame for you oval shaped mirror is as easy as making one for a round shaped one, the frame does not have to be oval shaped as well. Actually, working on an oval shaped mirror is easier because it will have a lot of room for decorations such as on the side of the mirror and the adjoin area that you want to work on. Use any decoration that you think make the mirror more beautiful.

DIY Oval Mirror Frame Design DIY Oval Mirror Frame Ideas DIY Oval Mirror Frame


DIY Mirror Frame Molding

For someone who has more experience with craftsmanship, using mirror frame molding can gives your new mirror frame a much more value. Use wooden material because it is easier to work with, work that wood into whatever you want and cut it using heavy tools; for starter, making a square shaped frame is easier. One important thing to note is that you need to make sure the measurement of the mirror and the frame is going to be exact; do not work carelessly.

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