DIY Bathroom Decor Tips for Weekend Project

Some people may think that decorating the bathroom is useless but no one really likes bathing in a messy and unorganized area. That’s the reason why we came up with several DIY bathroom decor tips you may follow. Actually, there are several things needed to be done while you are decorating that little but important space.

First, consider using the embellish shower curtain. No, you do not have to buy the blemished one but you may just but the plain one and embellish it yourself. Use the pretty colored ribbon and glue and you are all set to have the beautifully designed bathroom. For more minimalist look, get one rustic towel bars with strong hanger to hang your towels and clothes. Put it away from the bathtub or shower head so the towel will not get wet easily.

Second, you can even consider hanging on some artistic paintings on the wall to make the ambiance even better. Pick the good materials and make the creative bathing product rack by yourself with a simple skill of carpentry. With those on, a few will believe that they are in your house, not even a hotel! And then here are several more tips you may consider doing.

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DIY Bathroom Wall Decor

These DIY bathroom wall decor ideas will rock your bathroom instantly. You should’ve already known that there is the power of words that will get you pumped up every morning and calmed down every evening. Put some words like those on the wall, you can print it to a form of sticker then stick it or just decorate it yourself. Make sure the color and size are suitable to your overall bathroom look. Putting on some curved wall decorations is also nice.

DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas DIY Bathroom Wall Decor DIY Beach Bathroom Wall Decor


DIY Bathroom Paint

Do you love painting but got nowhere to put your creations? Hang it in the bathroom to have DIY bathroom paint. If you are planning to make one right now, choose the fresh colors such as green, blue, magenta, bright brown, and obviously white. White will give off the fresh yet clean and wide feeling. Put it near the toilet or bathtub facing the user so everyone will have good time seeing it at awe.

DIY Bathroom Paint Colors DIY Bathroom Paint Ideas DIY Paint Bathroom Cabinets


DIY Bathroom Decor Apartment

The apartment bathroom commonly comes as the already decorated one by the management. However, you can still improve it with DIY bathroom decor apartment. As an example, if you have all white bathroom, put some black things like black towel, black racks, and black curtain. Break the boring ambiance with some nice paintings as well as decorations like the words written on the wall that will pump up your mood every-time. You can even add some soothing lamps or shooting aromatherapy candles.

DIY Bathroom Decor Apartment Designs DIY Bathroom Decor Apartment Ideas DIY Bathroom Decor Apartment


Cute DIY Bathroom Decor

The cute DIY bathroom decor can be really suitable for girls and women. Which girl doesn’t like the existence of cool carton sticker on the wall? However, the definition of cute is reactive to every person so the thing on actualizing this concept is using your favorite color. There are some unusual bathroom utensils you can find in market such as octopus towel, the plate for putting the cosmetics down, and the lamps made from pots. Choose the ones you would love to see everyday.

Cute DIY Bathroom Décor Designs Cute DIY Bathroom Décor IdeasCute DIY Bathroom Wall Decor


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