Creative Ideas for Your Own Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

If you make a small research, you will find that reclaimed wood wall art makes one of those interior projects in trend right now. Seriously, the amount of this project on Etsy and Pinterest show how people like the idea of it. This project is actually a productive project that re-uses old wood for a decoration item. The idea may sound simple but it results in serious price in market. Most of this art work cost more than $100 each. Fantastic! Well, the price may emphasize more on the look instead of the simplicity of the whole material and making process.

Instead of buying, you should consider making it yourself. The material is easy to get. Even if you don’t have old wood stored in storage room, you can try to find some through several websites. People give away wood to there. You will also need standard tools and utensils, and finish paint for the wood. Transparent finish is highly suggested since old wood has the most attractive look and texture you want to show up. Obviously, you need to settle down on a design first. Choose a design that will match the interior style where you are going to put the artwork.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art DIYReclaimed Wood state Wall art Reclaimed Wood Wall Art


Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Ideas You Can Adopt

There are several interesting reclaimed wood wall art ideas for inspiration. Since these woods can be broken into pieces, you can play puzzle and be creative with it. Imagine a black frame capturing a neat organization of several old wood pieces as a background and a real paint coated branch on top of it. You can also get even more practical and creative at once by making coat hanger of these old woods. Instead of making the ordinary, you can make square reclaimed wood wall art with the hooks on the below part. It is a décor and a hanger at once.

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Try Reclaimed Wood Cow Wall Art for Country Looking Room

Let’s make shapes. If you want to have a room with country looking interior, reclaimed wood cow wall art will make just the perfect decoration on top of your fireplace or long sofa. Basically, we are making cow shape using those pieces of old wood. Of course it is essential to draw the pattern first and decide if those pieces go horizontal or vertical. Variation on the size of the cut will enrich the look. You should also consider using different shades of wood for even more vibrant result. Make the reclaimed wood wall art in pretty big size for bold feeling in the room.

Cool Reclaimed Wood Cow Wall Art Reclaimed Wood Cow Wall Art Designs Reclaimed Wood Cow Wall Art Images Reclaimed Wood Cow Wall Art


Extraordinary Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Art

While the material is extraordinary, let’s try to make it unusual. Barn wood is beautiful with its natural shades and texture. You have perfect material. Have you ever considered making a city landscape from it? It will be a nice modern looking décor on your living room. You can also simply make a giant palate of reclaimed barn wood wall art and hang your ethnic souvenirs on it like your tribal mask, old hunting blade and other souvenirs. It serves as an art work and a display board at once. Barn wood fits well in all style of décor. You only need to be creative on the design to maximize your reclaimed wood wall art look.

Cool Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Art Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Art Designs Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Art Images Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Art

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