Coolest Spice Rack Ideas for Your Kitchen Decoration

Do not get yourself puzzled when choosing the proper spice bottle, once you do, it is time to try some of these coolest spice rack ideas. The easiest way to find the right spice is scanning the translucent display of spice collection. However, making this one can be considered difficult as well. This is worth it when being made for professional 5 star hotel chef, for the food preparation there must be as quick as possible and the taste can not be blended by the other spice at all.

Well, it does not mean that you can not hide the spices secretly. Simply put several bottles of them in a wire basket then transform all of the baskets into mounted spice racks. This way, your spices collection will not be seen easily from the pantry door, plus value for the aesthetic. If you have got some empty sides of drawers in the kitchen, make the hanging spice rack and put the hanging ones in the clean cabinet. Make sure that the rack holders are strong enough to restrain the spices’ weight. The thing when making the spice rack ideas true is dividing some similar spices into the same category, but still differentiate the category from the other ones.

Spice-Rack-Ideas-for-Drawers Spice Rack Ideas Wood Spice Rack Ideas


Spice Rack Organizer Ideas

To pick the right spice more easily when cooking, function the nook behind your stove to organize the spices. Make sure that the spices bottle are an arm reach away, not too close to the stove fire but no too far that it will be so difficult to reach. If you are about to put the spices into non translucent jar, make sure that you name all of the jars with clear and big enough letters. This way, mistakenly picking the spice jar can be reduced or minimized.

Cool Spice Rack Organizer Ideas Spice Rack Organizer Ideas Designs Spice Rack Organizer Ideas


Spice Rack Ideas Pantry Door

Well, it is undeniable that pantry door is the perfect place for putting down the jars of spices. Mount the measured and assembled pieces of wood, give the barrier on the door so the spices jar will not fall of so easily. The mechanism is the same with making the fridge door. The best thing from making the DIY kind of spice rank pantry door is you will need less than 30 buck, anything cooler than this? However, actualizing this idea will need you to do some carpentry work.

Cool Spice Rack Ideas Pantry Door Cute Spice Rack Ideas Pantry Door Spice Rack Ideas Pantry Door Designs


Spice Rack Ideas Cabinet

The cabinet is simplest and easiest way to get your spices organized nicely. However, keep in mind that right measurement is essential while making this idea true. If your spices container are too small to be put freely in the cabinet, make the separators from wood or plastic. If you would love to save up some space in the main drawers, simply create the hanging cabinet to put down all kinds of spices. Yes, we know that you fear the spices falling down. For this problem, use magnetic power.

Cool Spice Rack Ideas Cabinet Spice Rack Ideas Cabinet Designs Spice Rack Ideas Cabinet


Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers

The spice rack ideas for drawers will not be much different from the spice rack ideas for cabinet. Use the all same shaped spice containers to be put in the drawers and label the lids so it will be much easier for you to find. When you like to see the body of containers first rather than the lids, lay down the containers but make some levels in the drawers. This way, the move of the containers is limited and they will not roll everywhere. You may even make the different level with different height.

Cute Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers Designs Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers


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