Cool Floating Platform Bed for Your Bedroom

Floating platform bed has become increasingly popular among homeowners due to its sleek and clean design, unique look and cheap price or construction cost. A platform bed looks very clean and simple because it basically consists of a large platform with short and unadorned legs. Even its headboard is dominated by clean lines with no elaborate decoration. The floating variant of this bed appears unique because its legs are designed to be hidden or obscured, making the bed appear floating on air. Because the bed consists mainly of a large platform, it is generally cheaper to buy or to make than other types of bed. All of these features make it a favorite bed for homeowners wanting a unique or cheap bed.

If you want to buy or to construct a floating platform bed, you may want to think about its style and additional functions that the bed offers. Although a platform bed generally looks plain and simple, it can actually have different styles. You can have a simple modern platform bed or a bed that uses a trendy style like Tokyo style. When you want to add some functionalities to the bed, you can buy or construct a bed with built-in storage or nightstand. Be creative and you should be able to get your dream floating platform bed.

Floating Platform Bed Designs Floating-Platform-Bed-Frame Floating Platform Bed


Modern Platform Bed

Due to its simple and minimalist design, a platform bed is often classified as a modern bed. Therefore, when you decide to add this bed to your bedroom, you have to make sure that the design of the bed is in accordance with the overall atmosphere of the room. In other words, your bedroom should also have modern design. This, however, doesn’t mean that a modern platform bed cannot be used in a traditional bedroom. In a Japanese-style bedroom, for instance, a platform bed with its short legs will look great.

Modern Platform Bed Modern Platform Bedroom Sets Modern Platform Bed Designs


Floating Platform Bed with Storage

The short leg area of a platform bed can actually be transformed into dressers and shelves. This will be a great idea if you want your bed to also function as a storage unit. In an ordinary platform bed, all sides of the bed can be used as storage units. If you want to preserve the floating effect of the bed, however, you can choose one or two sides of the bed to be transformed into storage units and leave the remaining sides empty from both legs and storage.

Floating Platform Bed with Storage Ideas Floating Platform Bed with Storage Photos Floating Platform Bed with Storage


Platform Bed with Floating Nightstands

A nightstand always accompanies a bed; so why don’t you incorporate the design of a nightstand to the bed? Instead of adding to separate furniture pieces to your bedroom, you can add a platform bed with a built-in floating nightstand. The bed can have either one or a pair of nightstands on its sides. Although the nightstands that are attached to the bed use floating design, you don’t necessarily have to make the bed float.

DIY Platform Bed with Floating NightStands Platform Bed with Floating NightStands Ideas Platform Bed with Floating NightStands


Tokyo Floating Platform Bed

Japanese people traditionally don’t use bed. Even if they have to use a bed, they try to find a bed with low enough platform. In brief, they always want to sleep close to the floor. Floating platform bed becomes their favorite choice due to its design. The growing popularity of this bed causes the emergence of floating platform bed that uses unique Japanese design. This is what we call Tokyo floating platform bed. This bed is a great addition for a room that uses Japanese interior design.

Tokyo Floating Platform Bed Designs Tokyo Floating Platform Bed Ideas Tokyo Floating Platform Bed Pictures


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