Clay Pot Crafts Ideas and Inspirations

Clay pot crafts are such stunning accessories that you can use to plant everything. Clay pots are often loved by a lot of people because it can have better shapes and designs, usually. Clay pots are often more durable as well. As long as you do not break it, they can last for years. The good things about clay pots do not stop there because there are a lot of thing you can do with a clay pot. You can make crafts, you can decorate it for your garden, you can even make decorative thing from clay pot.

Below, you will see several ideas about using your clay pot as the main thing to be turned into amazing crafts. You can easily practice those ideas with your kids and you can make a lot of beautiful crafts from it. All you need to prepare is several clay pots and you will be ready to create some amazing crafts. You can practice all of these ideas below to fill your spare time and you will have so much fun doing it.

Clay Pot CraftsClay Pot Crafts Ideas Mini Clay Pot Crafts


1. Clay Flower Pot Craft

In this clay flower pot craft, you will change the clay pot into a turtle. All you need to do is preparing one clay flower pot and then paint it green. Then, shape some modeling clays into five balls. One ball must be bigger than the other four balls. Then, stick the biggest ball onto the front of the pot as the head and the other four as the legs. Let it dry and paint the leg and head with green color as well.

Clay Flower Pot Crafts Ideas Clay Flower Pot Crafts Cool Clay Flower Pot Crafts


2. Clay Pot Craft for the Garden

There are a lot of ideas of clay pot craft for the garden. You can decorate the clay pot for example; just prepare several bottles of paint and colorless spray paints. Decorate the pot by drawing patterns or shapes on the pot, let it dry completely, and then you need to spray colorless spray paint so that the paint will not fade away.

Best Clay Pot Crafts for the Garden Clay Pot Crafts for the Garden Photos Cool Clay Pot Crafts for the Garden


3. Clay Pot Crafts for Spring

If you are looking for the ideas of clay pot crafts for spring, there are a lot of things that you can try. One of the ideas is to make animal figures from clay pot. The clay pot will be the body of the animal and you need to make the head of the animal from foam and flannel fabric. You can wrap the clay pot with the flannel fabric and then make the animal head from the sphere-shaped foam and wrapped it with flannel clothes as well.

Cool-Clay-Pot-Crafts-for-Spring Clay Pot Crafts for Spring Ideas Clay Pot Crafts for Spring


4. Clay Pot Crafts Lighthouses

To make clay pot crafts lighthouses, you need at least four clay pots. Then, you need to stack them up together and it will form a tall lighthouse-like shape. Then, you need to strengthen the clay pots together with glue or cement. After everything is dried, you need to paint the lighthouse with colorful paint so that the light house will look complete and finish. After that, you can really use the lighthouse as the decoration for your garden or your house.

Cool Clay Pot Crafts Lighthouses Clay Pot Crafts Lighthouses Ideas Clay Pot Crafts Lighthouses

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