Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide

Compared to oak, pine and maple kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets indeed tend to be more expensive due to their natural beauty, strength and durability; however, a kitchen cabinet made from cherry wood can always be a perfect choice for your kitchen if you deem its characteristics essential. A cherry kitchen cabinet with the right design will look mesmerizing in your kitchen. Its sturdy and durable structure also makes it a great investment for your kitchen. Therefore, although you may need to pay more to get this cabinet installed in your kitchen, you can guarantee that your expense will pay off after you install the cabinet.

When you want to install cherry kitchen cabinets in your kitchen, there are many things that you need to consider. You need to decide whether to use cherry wood that preserves its natural look or to use cherry wood with lighter or darker hue. The color of the cabinet certainly plays a role in determining how the cabinet will look amidst your kitchen’s décor, so make a sound decision about it. You will also need to decide whether you need a kitchen cabinet that looks rustic or the one with modern design. The tips below will guide you to determine various aspects of your cherry cabinet.

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Natural Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

There is a good reason to preserve the natural look of your cherry kitchen cabinets. We have mentioned earlier the natural beauty of cherry wood. A cherry kitchen cabinet will always appear great if you preserve its natural look. As the cabinet ages, which you will always expect due to the durability of the wood, the natural red hue of the wood will become richer and more mature. Your natural cherry kitchen cabinet will become even more beautiful as it gets older. This also means the cabinet will become more valuable as it ages. Having a cherry kitchen cabinet with its natural look preserved is thus an advantage for you.

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Light Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

It is also possible for you to use a cherry kitchen cabinet with either lighter or darker hue. When you have to deal with such option, space, floor and lighting become the most important factors that you have to take into consideration. A cherry kitchen cabinet with light hue will make your kitchen look more spacious. Therefore, if you use dark floor and countertop in your kitchen, a light cabinet will make a nice contrast that preserves the airy atmosphere of your kitchen. A light cabinet also helps reflect light coming from your kitchen’s lighting fixtures. With a light cabinet, your kitchen will not only look more spacious, but also brighter.

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Dark Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Dark cherry kitchen cabinets appear bold and elegant. The darker they are, the bolder their look will be. Cherry wood has natural red color, which will improve the boldness of its appearance if it is reinforced with dark finish. In a roomy kitchen where space is not an issue, a dark cherry cabinet can make a statement for the overall décor of the kitchen. If a contrasting look in your kitchen is desirable, you can match your kitchen cabinet with light-colored floor and countertop. The combination of those contrasting kitchen’s decorative elements will create a harmony in your kitchen’s atmosphere.

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Rustic Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

A rustic cherry kitchen cabinet is obviously a great pick for your kitchen if you already apply rustic interior design to your kitchen. There are various kitchen designs that will welcome the arrival of a rustic kitchen cabinet, Such as French country and farmhouse kitchen designs. An antique kitchen is also a great place to install an antique kitchen cabinet, which certainly has its own rustic design. When it comes to choosing color, a rustic cabinet tends to use colors that are commonly found in the nature. Therefore, preserving the natural look of the cabinet or painting it with earthly color should be the best option.

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Modern Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

A modern cherry kitchen cabinet is accentuated by its clean lines and simple design. It generally doesn’t use ornate embellishments and every component of it looks as plain as its overall design. The hinges of a modern cherry kitchen cabinet are mostly concealed. If they show, they mostly look simple. The handles of a modern cherry kitchen cabinet are not as ornamental as the ones found on a traditional kitchen cabinet. When it comes to choosing color, neutral colors, especially black or white, are the most preferred choice. Most modern cherry kitchen cabinet often feature glass door and frame-less design.

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