Book Storage Ideas Cool and Creative to Apply at Home

Book storage ideas are best thing to do as your DIY project at home when you got a big pile of books but nowhere to put all of them. This book storage’s existence is essential in your house to organize everything neatly, save more spaces, and save your time because you don’t have to take long time on searching the needed one(s). Here are a few tips and recommendations on storing the books in general so what you decorate will not be in vain.

First, find the space that is not subject to temperature and make sure that the place is well ventilated. The humid place may grow molds in your book and the appearance will not look as appealing anymore. Make sure that the space is free from mice and insects as well. That’s why, it is very recommended to cover your books with thick plastic so the cover will not be torn easily and the outside is free from dirt. If you have free time, cover the upper and lower side with bubble wraps so the dirt and residue built up will not stick on the books’ paper. Aside that, below is several cool things you can have.

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Kids Book Storage Ideas

The most important thing to be considered from kids furniture is its safety which can be applied as well into book storage in their rooms. As a parent, you need to rethink as a child to make the shelves that your child really wants. Make sure that you make it in the color he/she really likes and keep the height less than to a bit higher than their height. If possible, make some alphabets from wood that motivate them to read like ‘READ’ or ‘LEARN’. after that put the alphabets over the book storage.


Best Kids Book Storage Ideas Kids Book Storage Ideas Book Storage Ideas for Kids' Room


Comic Book Storage Ideas

Some of us may be the comic geeks and we recognize that it is cool enough. However, it is sometimes frustrating to organize the comic books in order of the author and volume, book storage will help you manage the comics to be accessed easily plus get super neat organization. Keep the shelf as wide as the book so you can organize everything vertically with the left side facing the readers. Make it slightly taller than your height to keep the books as many as possible.

Comic Book collection Storage Ideas Comic Book Storage Ideas Photos Comic Book Storage Ideas


Big Book Storage Ideas

Yes, we know that the common big book problem is too thin to be stood on the shelves so the way one is taken from shelf may make everything a mess in instant. However, do not worry as we will give you the tips to manage them. Function the cute wood or plastic basket in put it in the corners of your house, they look really good for magazines. You may also use the books stand made from metal and put it on the table to keep everything organized.

Big Book Storage Ideas Designs Big Book Storage Ideas Photos Big Book Storage Ideas


Creative Book Storage Ideas

For those who seek for unusual creative storage ideas to manage the books, we’ll give some brief hints for inspiring you. Try making the shelves stand along your way to the bigger reading room, it may take some time but still worth to be done. If you have narrow but tall space, make your DIY bookshelf that looks like stairs when pulled one rack by one rack. If the book is too high, you can just go upstairs easily.

Creative-Book-Storage-Ideas-Designs Creative Book Storage Ideas Images Creative Book Storage Ideas



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