Best Teal and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Choosing teal and gold bedroom ideas can be tricky. How can it be? It can be because teal is dark color and gold is a bright one. Combining these colors wrongly can cause your bedroom to look shady. But, combining it with right furniture and decoration would give an elegant and classy atmosphere.

These colors are perfect if you have shabby chic or even modern bedroom design. For shabby chic design, you can paint the wall with teal color while the ceiling is in gold. The floor is made of wood and covered with teal and gold colored rug. Also, the bed, the sofa, and the armchair are teal colored while the other furniture like mirror frame, table, and lamp is gold colored. When it’s done, the elegance won’t be able to hide itself. It will be shown entirely at the time you step your foot in teal bedrooms.

These colors can be applied for modern design as well. There are several things to create great atmosphere for this color combination. First of all you need to paint the bedroom teal. Teal rooms tend to ask for brighter color like gold. For the gold color, you can purchase gold curtains and gold table lamps. Also, add teal bedroom décor like gold framed mirror and gold vase.

Balanced Teal White and Gold Bedroom  

 White is a plain color that can be used for balancing the color of teal and gold. Like has mentioned before, combining teal and gold colors wrongly can lead to shady atmosphere in your teal bedroom. This is where white color comes in and balances the other colors.

Teal bedroom walls are dominant, that’s why adding white colored furniture and decorations like bed, sofas, cabinets, and tables would be perfect.

Girly Teal Pink and Gold Bedroom   

 While white is the color for balancing the teal and gold color, pink is also a great idea. But, the addition of pink color would give girly and feminism atmosphere for the bedroom. You can add pink pillow, pink table lamp, pink sofas or chairs, and also pink blanket.

These teal and gold bedroom ideas are plenty of its variety; however the one that holds the best choice is you and your creativity.


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