Amazing Shabby Chic Bathroom Design Ideas

Who said that shabby chic bathroom design ideas aren’t fun? The imperfection of the product or on the stain might be just exactly what you need. You must have seen similar hairstyle, resembling the “waking up” look. Shabby style stands just around the concept. It gives out fancy atmosphere by using things that seems to be broken or aged. This concept is often mistaken as all-white decoration. However, the real purpose is to give oldies charm. It also helps you with the budget. Thanks to the idea, you can reuse what your grandparents left for you, or even bought products in flea market.

In a vintage shabby chic interior, you will mostly notice neutral, pastel or white colors. Surely, it is a pain for those who want modern interior. This concept fits and widely accepted by people who embrace the outdated fashion. The rustic chic bathroom brings you to the previous ten years of time.

In shabby chic bathroom ideas, you need to be creative in finding the new function of aged stuffs. Mainly in limited spaces room, you need to be practical. Adding some “jobless” furniture will not do. Thus, it is important to choose for shabby chic décor multiple purposes.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Décor Paint

This concept walks closely to wood materials. It could also work on metal and plastic, but they are lost in popularity. To get a country chic bathroom, you need to apply faux painting techniques. As written, it calls for paint.

It includes fading the paint in certain area to make shadowing effect. You do not need to fully cover the previous color. Light cover on shabby chic bathroom accessories will be good enough.

Tainted Shabby Chic Bathroom Cabinet Furniture

The area with years of use is bathroom. It passed to generations. Therefore, it will be easier to get shabby chic bathrooms. Put the faux painted cabinet. Cover any open space with ruffle curtain. You can also add bronze handle as the shabby chic bathroom décor.

Cool Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanity

You cannot take out this interior out of the bathroom. It belongs to the shower room. The charming shabby chic bathroom vanity leaves the friction mark, creating a rectangular shape border. It is messy yet classy.  The blinds-like part adds the accent, as if it traps the mystery inside.

Unique to Modern Shabby Chic Bathroom Sink Unit

Available in white, these double sinks are the best representative of shabbiness. If you want to go back even further, you can put a basin on a table to serve as the sink. Stepping back to modern times will include metallic faucet and towel handle.

Types of Shabby Chic Bathroom Cupboard

Store your extra soap and shampoo on a chic cupboard. The shabby design stands out on glass framed cupboard. Again, play with the frame color. You can also get the embossed patterned to a full cover cupboard. Rub the pattern with sandpaper to accentuate the shabby look.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Mirror

For this item, you cannot make the glass itself look shabby. You have to make the frame or the hanger get the shabby look. Oldies mirror are usually oval, with embossed floral patterned iron on the frame. Or, the frame is simple wood painted in white. Make it rustic for the iron.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Rugs

The best pattern would be floral, and the color should be beige, white or soft teal. The plain ruffle rug will fit, too. If you like dark color, the available option would be gray, either dark or light. Make sure your feet can step on soft rug, not the rough one.

Shabby Chic Bathroom Shelves

Make it creative by placing unused woods on the horizontal lines. Make the shabbiness bold with iron-patterned hanger supporter. If you want to reuse the cupboard, take of the front cover. Put a classic frame instead. Match the color of the shelves and the wall. Repaint if needed.


Shabby Chic Bathroom Accessories

Now let’s hit the fun part. Pick some small practical stuff that compliment the theme. For example, glass jar with decorative metal lid. It could be the place to keep your toothbrush. Some are fit for liquid soap. The small floral towel ring will be the last one in line.

Creating A Modern Shabby Chic Bathroom

There are so many ways to make this concept comes true. First, you can install oversized square mirror. Display lights on top of the mirror will enhance the modernity. You can also install patterned wallpaper tot he walls.

Putting side lamps next to the mirror is also a great option. Light the middle area with block table lamp. Add more metallic or silver items: faucet, towel holder, etc. Only then, the shabby chic bathroom design ideas is invested to your room.


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