Wood Accent Wall Ideas for Your Home

Wood accent wall adds warmth and exoticism to a room and imbues the room with rustic vibe. For homeowners who expect specific rooms in their home to be designed that way, adding this accent wall to those rooms is always a great idea. If the wall of those rooms appears plain, wood accent that is added to it will make it appear livelier and more attractive. The texture of the wood used for the accent is so lovely and stunning that it can truly change not only the look of those rooms, but also their overall atmosphere. There are always many great reasons to add this exotic accent wall to a room.

One great thing about wood accent for a wall is that it is quite easy and cheap to make. You don’t have to be an adept carpenter in order to build the accent wall and you can use all kinds of wood, including wood pallets that are either cheap or free to get, to build the accent wall. DIY guides as well as ideas to build this accent wall are also widely available. If you want to use this accent wall in your room, you can always do it easily.

Wood Accent Wall Bathroom Wood Accent Wall Dining Room Wood Accent Wall


Wood Accent Wall Bedroom

One of the best locations to add wood accent wall is the bedroom. Warm atmosphere and exotic all-natural look are always wanted in the place where you spend your time to rest, to relax and to contemplate. The accent wall will blend perfectly with your bed’s headboard as well as other furniture pieces that you have in your bedroom. Even if you have applied a modern design to your bedroom, adding a rustic touch to it is always a great idea.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Bedroom Wood Accent Wall Bedroom Ideas Wood Accent Wall Bedroom


Modern Wood Accent Wall

The rustic vibe offered by wood accent walls will match perfectly with the clean and sleek look of modern interior design. This rustic accent wall can be incorporated into the modern design of all parts of a house. The combination of the overall modern look of the house and the rustic accent that is added to it will create a stunning blend that makes the house look and feel exotic and contemporary at the same time.

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Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall

Wood accent wall doesn’t have to be expensive to make. Even wood pallets and reclaimed wood can be used to make wood accent wall. The accent wall can even be made to look clean and modern if its material has been properly cleaned, sanded and stained beforehand. Wood pallets that appear grimy and pale, for instance, can be transformed into suitable material for modern wood accent wall that looks shiny and saturated with proper staining.

Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Bedroom Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Dining Room Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall


Wood Accent Wall TV

One of the most creative ways to modify the look and feel of a room is by blending two strikingly different decorative elements. A modern LCD TV mounted on a wall with wood accent is a good example. The wall behind the TV was originally bare plastered wall with plain and unadorned surface. After wood accent wall is applied to it, the wide area behind the TV will look and feel more stunning and lively.

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