Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


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Some homeowners think that monochromatic kitchen looks charming and attractive. They prefer an all-white kitchen because they think it is wonderful. However, there are other ways to create a charming kitchen. One of them is by having two tone kitchen cabinets. These particular cabinets are eye-catching. You can choose almost any color combination you like. However, you must not forget to use color wheel for it. Having the right two tone cabinets in your kitchen will add more value of your home. How to furnish a kitchen with two tone cabinets? Furnishing your kitchen with this kitchen cabinet idea is pretty easy. First, you must choose the right color for the right area. For example, if you want to make your kitchen looks spacious, you can choose light colored cabinets for the upper cabinet. If you already have single color cabinet, you can do DIY kitchen cabinet painting to create the two tone look. You don’t need to paint the whole upper or upper cabinets. If you do not have much time, you can choose to paint the crown molding only. This simple act can transform your kitchen wonderfully. Once you furnish your kitchen with the two tone cabinets, you can start decorating your kitchen with matching decorations. There are many kitchen decoration ideas you can choose. Make sure that it can balance the color combination.  

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Grey and White

Two tone kitchen cabinets grey and white are perfect for you who have a modern or contemporary kitchen. It is perfect for you who want to decrease the glare of your white kitchen. To minimize the glare, you can have the upper kitchen cabinets in grey. If your kitchen is mostly decorated in grey, these grey and white kitchen cabinets will brighten up your kitchen. There are various grey shades you can choose. Make sure that you choose the right shade of grey for the kitchen cabinets.  

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Black and White

If you want to make your kitchen has a touch of masculine atmosphere, having two tone kitchen cabinets black and white will be a good idea. This kind of kitchen cabinets can also make your kitchen looks more elegant. It can be perfect for a traditional style kitchen. Dark kitchen cabinets with a lot of details will make your kitchen looks more classic. If you do not like too much black in the kitchen, you can combine the white kitchen cabinets with black island cabinets.  

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Brown and White

If your kitchen looks to cold and unfriendly, two tone kitchen cabinets brown and white will add warm atmosphere into the kitchen. Light brown and white cabinets will make your kitchen looks more welcoming and friendly. There are choices of this two tone cabinets you can choose. You can pick brown cabinet frame or drawers with white cabinet doors if you want subtle combination. If you want to go bold, you can choose brown ones for the upper cabinet and the white ones for the lower cabinets.  

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Granite

Two tone kitchen cabinets granite is one a subtle way to add more color in your kitchen. There are choices of granite colors you can choose for your kitchen countertop. To make your kitchen looks more eye-catching, choose contrasted colored granite. For example, you can choose white dark grey granite countertop over white cabinets. This particular countertop is heavy. Therefore, you must make sure that you choose sturdy and durable cabinets.    

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