Teen Girl Bathroom Ideas Your Daughter Will Love!

If you need teen girl bathroom ideas, there are many designs, styles, themes, equipment’s, and accessories you can combine to produce a bathroom your teen daughter will love. First thing you need to decide for your teenage bathroom ideas is the design of the bathroom whether it is minimalist, modern, semi-modern, or contemporary. For the styles there are shabby chic, vintage, and many more. For themes you can decide from what your daughter likes. The equipment’s and accessories can be matched with the designs, styles, and the themes. For other choices, check out these following points.

Semi Traditional Bright and Vintage Bathroom Design

 The theme here is to put a semi-traditional design with vintage-like equipment that gives bright and elegant atmosphere. First, the wall and the ceiling must be painted white while the floor is white ceramic or granite, covered in grey and soft rug. The ceiling can be made from thick wood while the equipment’s and accessories are made of steel. These girl bathroom ideas are the best and the cleanest you can apply for your teen daughter’s bathroom. If the bathroom is on the second floor or above, give windows near the bathtub so that it would give her a view while bathing. Artificial plants are also great for bathroom decor; it will give soothing and calm sensation.

Relaxing and Elegant Shabby Chic Bathroom Design

 Give your teen daughter a sensation of being a princess with this design. The only requirement is that the bathroom has to be on the second floor or above because it needs windows. It can be applied without windows, but the relaxing atmosphere will be decreased. The accessories and the equipment should have vintage design with decoration of small chandelier, candles, and furnace. Place the bathtub in front of the furnace while the windows are on the left side of the bathtub. Decorate the floor with grey ceramics or granite; also put artificial flowers on the vanity.

Basically, designing this room isn’t that hard to do. These teen girl bathroom ideas are surely will be loved by your teen daughter. Happy trying!


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