Shabby Chic Kitchen Design Ideas for Vintage Look!

Improve your kitchen design with these shabby chic kitchen design ideas! The elegant and classy look would give you a vintage atmosphere that brings you back to the Victorian Era. There are many rooms in your house that can be applied with this design and one of them is your kitchen. Applying this design would give you and your family a blast from the past.

Shabby chic kitchens are one of the best designs offered.  This design is almost the same as country chic design where most of the materials used as the furniture is wood. Wood is the best material to give authentic feeling and also it shows class. The differences of a country chic kitchen and he shabby chic one are the floor materials and colors of the furniture. While country chic can use darker wood, shabby chic tends to be brighter.

Before applying this design, you need to consider the budget. Because not only the price of wood furniture is expensive, there are some shabby chic decorating you need to think about to enhance the richness of your vintage design. Make sure that your kitchen will be great with enough budgets.

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2 Kinds of Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets

Like what has mentioned above, most of the shabby chic kitchen cabinets are made of wood; therefore, it may be expensive. For better storage purpose, purchase two kinds of cabinets. The first one is the normal cabinet to put your cereals and canned food. The other one is with glass for cutleries.

If you demand for perfection in a matter of shape and design, it is better to buy 1 set of kitchen furniture to avoid mismatching.


Vibrant Shabby Chic Kitchen Curtains         

Have you ever seen a vintage curtain? It always has patterns on it. Like what has mentioned before, shabby chic furniture design is bright. Therefore, you should purchase curtains with vibrant color and flower pattern for enhancing the vintage design.

Bright yet Old Shabby Chic Kitchen Island    

As for the kitchen island, purchase the one with the same color with the other furniture. If you want to put granite on top of the island, it has to have bright color yet still looks old. Also, make sure the design still shows vintage look.

Classic Shabby Chic Kitchen Stools

Shabby chic stools are manufactured with four legs each, some have cushions sewed on the seat, and some have brands or patterns on top of it. These stools are made of fine wood with/without backrests and often painted in white, blue, green, or tosca.

Small Shabby Chic Kitchen Table for Family

The most important thing is that the table is big enough for family dining.  The shape can be round with one leg or square with four legs. Also, add some shabby chic décor like an artificial flower pot to make it look warmer.    


Vintage Shabby Chic Kitchen Décor

Like what has mentioned before, purchasing shabby chic kitchen décor will enrich the vintage design. You can always buy vintage decorations in the antique shop or pawn store. Old books, old brand posters or artificial white roses are shabby chic home décor that would be great for your kitchen.

Multi-purpose Shabby Chic Kitchen Shelving   

Placing shelves on the kitchen walls would help you with cooking. Start by putting your ingredients such as spices, salt, and sugar inside a jar. Then install wooden shelves in your kitchen to put the jars. Also, the decorations mentioned above can be put on these shelves.

Warm Shabby Chic Kitchen Blinds     

If you are not interested in using the curtain, you can use shabby chic blinds instead. The blinds are neat and tidy, also it has various patterns. It is simple and enhances the other furniture. Installing it on your windows would give warmth sensation to your kitchen.

Best Shabby Chic Kitchen Wall Art     

Putting some wall arts on your kitchen wall would create more shabbiness yet it would make the kitchen looks more beautiful. Old posters of brands, white framed abstract pictures, painted typography, painted wooden planks and vinyl stickers are the best wall art for shabby chic wall décor.

Applying Modern Shabby Chic Kitchen   

While shabby chic kitchen usually have old furniture and more wooden materials in the kitchen, modern shabby chic design would allow you to insert a little touch of modern and new furniture like new stools, new cabinets, and new island.

ikea glass dining table Inspirational Shabby Chic Kitchen Table Awesome 42 Modern Ikea Dining Table and

While applying this design, make sure you don’t remove the shabbiness; so be thoughtful and creative in setting this design. These are the best shabby chic kitchen design ideas to improve your kitchen.


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