Rock Garden Ideas of Beautiful & Extraordinary Decorative Corner

There are various types of garden those can be found out there. One of them is the rock garden. Just as expected, this is the kind of gardens where rocks can be found as the main star. Just imagine a bunch of rocks or various sizes carefully arranged in a particular space. Find more of rock garden ideas to see the more interesting designs of gardens consisted with many rocks.

What can be imagined by the people who have never seen the rock garden at all? Some people may know about Japanese rock garden that will be about the neatly arranged pebbles and a few large rocks. Rock gardens are actually more than that. There are numerous possibilities of rock garden designs those can be considered and used.

The ideas of rock gardens are also combining the rocks with plants. These plants are not the ones that will grow taller but the ones that will neatly nestle on the ground such as particular types of grass or succulents. These plants are chosen to allow the rocks become the main attractive point of the garden. Naturally, these plants will make these rock gardens the very interesting gardens to be checked from time to time.

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Small Rock Garden Ideas

Rock garden can be made in various sizes including the small ones. A small corner is actually good enough for the rock garden. In this case, try to choose smaller rocks surrounded by pebbles. Another idea is to use one medium to large rock that will be combined with a few plants those are easy to be maintained. One more unique idea will require a quite large rock that looks like a bowl. The crook will be filled with soil and plants will be planted there.

Rock Garden Ideas for Small yards Small Rock Garden Design Ideas Small Rock Garden Ideas


River Rock Garden Ideas

What about creating the river of rocks? It simply means rocks being arranged to resemble the stream of river. This idea will require larger space as well as the different sizes and colors of pebbles and rocks. The pebbles and rocks will be arranged carefully to get the garden done. The pebbles and rocks can be arranged to create border around a group of plants so that they look like an island. Some people might actually want water to flow over the rock to resemble a real river.

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Rock Wall Garden Ideas

This is quite something unusual but can be tried anyway. In these ideas, the rocks will be arranged carefully to make a decorative wall. This is a great idea for a yard or garden with different level of ground. The rocks can be made stand out by making the rock walls steeper than the natural slope. It could also be made to follow the natural slope. Addition of plants will be good to make the rock walls more natural.

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Indoor Rock Garden Ideas

A rock garden inside of a building can be considered as well. It can be a very simple garden of pebbles being laid just like that at an empty space. This is simple and good enough for a small space or a bathroom (walking barefoot on the garden will be good for health). It can also be a little bit more complex with addition of plants and combination of several sizes of rocks and pebbles.

Indoor Rock Garden Ideas Designs Indoor Rock Garden Ideas Photos Indoor Rock Garden Ideas


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