Perfect L Shaped Kitchen Designs Ideas!

The perfect L shaped kitchen designs ideas should be multi-purposes and able to give more space to the dining room. Before building one, make sure the dining room support this. There are no windows allowed on the walls that are going to be placed with the cabinets. Also, remember to install the backsplash on the wall before placing the L shaped kitchens.

There are plenty of L shaped kitchen ideas that you can apply. You may choose modern style, traditional style, or contemporary style. Different styles, different budget. If you are looking for inexpensive one, choose the traditional one. if you are looking for clean design, choose the modern style. If you want your kitchen to be stylish, use contemporary style. The styles would be perfect in L shaped design.

The households that need to be placed in an L shaped kitchen are stove, sink, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, and cabinets. The households are purchased separately; it means you should look for the best ones with same appearances to prevent mismatch design and color. But you also need to consider your budget because households are expensive.

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The Definition of L Shaped Kitchen

L shaped kitchen designs are known for its space-saving advantage so that you can make the kitchen one with the dining room. In order to create this design well, you need to build perpendicular two walls and one wall must be longer than the other.

Not only space-saving, this design will also be time-saving and practical. Why is it? It is because the households are close to each other, gives you easy access while cooking.

L Shaped Kitchen Island as Dining Table

For you who would like to combine your dining room with the kitchen, try L shaped kitchen island for solution. The meaning of the island is the table cabinet in the middle of the kitchen. You can put dining chairs around the island so that you can sit and enjoy your meal.

L Shaped Kitchen Table for More Space

If you have L shaped arranged households on perpendicular two walls, there are still two more perpendicular walls. Use this opportunity to put L shaped kitchen table for drinking coffee or snack purposes. Or you can just eat on L shaped kitchen with island to save more space.

Purposeful L Shaped Kitchen Rug

L shaped kitchen should have rug on the floor. These rugs would help you cleaning any wet problems on the floor like leaking pipe or spilling water. Also, there are many shapes and designs you can choose. It can be combined perfectly with L shaped kitchen layout.

Amazing L Shaped Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar   

 The breakfast bar can be purchased separately. For easy dining, put some of the households off the wall. It is still in L shaped but only one side is on the wall. Install the bar behind the stove and add some chairs so that it would be easier for you to have your breakfast.

Decorative L Shaped Kitchen Mat   

For decoration, L shaped mat is important in your L shaped kitchen. The l shape fits perfectly to the L shaped households arrangement. There are many patterns and materials you can pick. Purchasing these mats would help you to clean your feet.

Unique L Shaped Kitchen Sink

If you are bored with the normal sink, you can choose an L shaped sink to be put in the middle of the perpendicular walls. Make sure there is no cabinet above the sink for easier cleaning. You can choose many designs for this sink, just put in the budget.

Various L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet       

The cabinet can be various, first thing you need to do is to pick the style. After picking a style, you need to consider the material, the design, and the color of the cabinet. Picking wrong would give your kitchen messy look. Don’t install too many cabinets or your kitchen would be less spacious.

Small L Shaped Kitchen      

If you have a kitchen and a dining room, you can build small L shaped kitchen. But, there are some tips to keep it spacious even if with its small. After all of the households arranged you can add a small island in the middle of the room.

Do not put any chairs in the kitchen and keep the cabinets from being too many. Also, windows can help your small kitchen to look more spacious. L shaped kitchen designs ideas are plenty, but these are the best ones offered.


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