Paracord Key Fob Recommended Patterns and Designs

Paracord key fob is actually a great and fun project, besides when you finish this you can immediately use what you have made. If you want to start making one, you better find the knotting techniques as these are available in a wide range with different methods, so you can have so many chances in order to test your artistic skill. You know that you won’t ever be limited to make any designs and patterns, so you can be as creative as possible. From a keychain to a belt will be able to be made if you are patient enough during the process.

Not only the simple ones, even you can try creatively making the dog collars by using your paracord. If you think you need to make something good and popular, like paracord keychain because with this your keys can always be kept in order. There are many things you can do when the paracord is already in front of you. It does not look hard to have key fob DNA, rattlesnake and even monkey fist. As long as you are ready with knife, lighter and ruler aside from paracord, you can start with your project that won’t take much time if you can follow the tutorial.

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Paracord Key Fob DNA

It is a good idea to try something new, like the DNA pattern for the key fob, and to make the DNA braid, what you will require is the 3-feet paracord, a lighter, scissors, and a key ring. For the paracord itself, it is recommended for you to use at least two colors that are different so that the appearance can be more attractive.

When it comes to squish both ends, you can melt them first by using the lighter. The ends can be run back into the braid if you prepare a paracord needle at the end.

Paracord Key Fob DNA Ideas Paracord Key Fob DNA Pictures Paracord Key Fob DNA


Paracord Key Fob Rattlesnake

To have this technique, you should start with a double overhand knot and it can be made if you use two strings to create a loop tied though. Continue with the snake knot with the left piece of string that can be taken and wrapped around into a loop.

Take the string’s other piece and it can be put inside the loop. Before you start wrapping it around the other string, it should be pulled to the left. After this, drive through the loop and keep doing the knot until getting the bottom, then once more make a double knot to finish.

Paracord Key Fob Rattlesnake Designs Paracord Key Fob Rattlesnake Ideas Paracord Key Fob Rattlesnake


Paracord Key Fob Monkey Fist

For a trendy keychain, you can actually have a neat monkey fist that looks so cute. If you want to start with it, make sure you prepare a piece of paracord 550 (the length should be based on the wraps’ number).

A marble is also good enough to help you with this project to play the role as a core. In case you are interested in making this kind of craft, you may need to learn about the monkey fist jig as well. Paracord key fob, especially the monkey fist can be done much faster with the better quality.

Paracord Key Fob Monkey Fist Designs Paracord-Key-Fob-Monkey-Fist-Pictures Paracord Key Fob Monkey Fist Ideas Best Paracord Key Fob Monkey Fist


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